Add and follow Melilla Sport Capital in search of the main objective of the season, a fight for permanence that has become the only possible wish for a team that, today, is a little closer to its objective.

This is guaranteed by the last triumph harvested by the entity before the ZTE Real Canoe in a weekend in which the team equaled its best all-time score in the competition (113p) to sign one of those victories that could end up being worth its weight in gold.

This was done by one of the most valuable men in the competition, an Alec Wintering who put his most personal stamp on 30 points (9/9 TL and 10/16 TC), 4 rebounds, 8 assists and 5 fouls received to whom little could be done by a Madrid team that ended up yielding only in overtime (113-106).

All this through 38 valuation points with which to try to close the challenge as soon as possible to try to qualify for the best possible classification.

Anecdotal section:

He suffered a serious knee injury in his transition between college and professional basketball that did not prevent him from performing at a high level in his early years in Europe and fractured his fibula two years ago without affecting his performance. Because Alec Wintering is one of those bases made of another paste and for which there is no problem when it comes to assuming responsibility. This has been demonstrated throughout three seasons in the LEB Oro League where he was able to show his business card with the conquest of his first three awards in his debut with Sáenz-Horeca Araberri (read report).

The quintet of the day in the LEB Oro:

Around the full triumphs, the five members of the ideal quintet of the day stood out throughout the weekend for their ability to propel their respective teams towards the final goal. A challenge, which in the vast majority of cases went through the search for triumphs with which to try to certify as soon as possible the permanence in the category.

The first of them, the MVP of the day, a Alec Wintering (Melilla Sport Capital) who stood out from the base position in the great game of the day to provide oxygen to the dean of the competition. Something similar happened on the Multipurpose floor where the eaves Devin Schmidt (Cáceres P. Humanidad) confirmed his great moment of form with a valuable triumph, as well as in El Plantío where Mus Barro (Tizona Univ. Burgos) He repeated the role to reinforce the morale of the Burgos team.

On the opposite side, one of the most effective games was played by a Zach Monaghan (Leyma Coruña) key when it comes to keeping the Coruña squad in the fight for second place as opposed to a Dean Smith (Destination Palencia) whose inertia could not be enough in a final section that has been complicated for the people of Palencia.

Base: Alec Wintering (Melilla Sport Capital) 38 val: 30 points (9/9 TL and 10/16 TC), 4 rebounds, 8 assists and 5 fouls received.
Shooting guard: Zach Monaghan (Leyma Coruña) 25 val: 10 points (4/4 TL and 2/4 T3), 3 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 recoveries and 7 fouls received.
Eaves: Devin Schmidt (Cáceres P. Humanidad) 29 val: 26 points (4/5 TL and 10/14 TC), 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 recovery, 1 block and 5 fouls received.
Power-Wing: Sean Smith (Destination Palencia) 32 val: 13 points (7/8 TL and 3/3 T2), 12 rebounds, 2 assists, 5 recoveries, 3 blocks and 5 fouls received.
Pivot: Mus Barro (Tizona University of Burgos) 23 val: 13 points (7/8 TL and 3/6 TC), 17 rebounds, 2 blocks and 5 fouls received.

Season statistics – Alec Wintering:

Played games: 23
Minutes: 22.37 pp
Points: 11.9 pp
Rebounds: 2.6 pp
Assists: 3.3 pp
Recoveries: 0.9 pp
Plugs: — pp
Fouls received: 4.3 pp
Rating: 12.3 pp

Sports career – Alec Wintering:

Training: United Faith Christian Academy (USA)
2013/17: University of Portland (NCAA – USA)
2017/18: Sáenz Horeca Araberri (LEB Gold)
2018/19: Dutch Windmills (Holland)
2019/20: Levitec Huesca (Endesa League)

2020/21: Melilla Sport Capital (LEB Gold)