A Cáceres P. Humanidad breathes a little more relieved that he has left his stay seen for sentence to be able to think about the ambitious challenge that trying to rejoin the Playoffs for promotion will entail. Quite a prize for a night in which the Group for permanence was the protagonist with the centenary triumph of Melilla Sport Capital and the victory of Tizona Burgos over Bàsquet Girona.

FORECASTS: 7/8 at La Quiniela de … Ricardo Úriz (Tizona University of Burgos)

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Tizona Univ. De Burgos vs Bàsquet Girona (78-69) / Statistics

Tizona Burgos reconciles with basketball with a triumph of merit

Balsamic victory was harvested in El Plantío by a Tizona University of Burgos who was able to impose his style of play against a Bàsquet Girona that did not feel comfortable at any time. And that the visitors arrived led from the management by a whole ex of the house like Albert Sàbat, but not even the loss of Alberto Ruiz de Galarreta could intimidate a Burgos team willing not to let the victory escape. Although for this, Lluis Riera’s men had to remain firm in their game plan, pressing on defense against a Girona Basketball that found it difficult to find fluidity in attack and that ran into problems every time M. Barro entered the scene. Although it was, after passing through the changing rooms, when those at home managed to star in their best minutes of play to be able to put land in the middle of the electronic game. An inertia that was enough at the time of being able to leave the victory at home (78-69).

MVP: Mus Barro (Tizona Univ. Burgos) – 23 rating

Melilla Sport Capital vs ZTE Real Canoe (113-106) / Statistics

Melilla fans enjoy their return to the stands

With a high pace of play already from the first stages of the match, Melilla Sport Capital seemed to want to entertain their fans with the best possible match. Because, for the first time after many months, the entity from Melilla was able to count on an audience in its stands for a match to which the people from Melilla entered really strong hand in hand with some intractable Wintering and Misters. And it is that both were the offensive sustenance of the Melilla against a ZTE Real Canoe that accepted the challenge to surprise in attack in the final stretch of the first quarter (36-29). Thus, those of José Rey began to understand that victory could be possible thanks to the good direction of Dani de la Rúa, the outside talent of Miguel González and the amount of points contributed by Daniel Clark. Especially after the restart where the 30 points scored put the Madrid team on the right track (63-76). But as it came, the advantage of ZTE Real Canoe went to favor a Melilla Sport Capital that was regaining control to take the game into extra time. Already in extra time, the visiting team lacked that freshness that its rival had, letting itself be carried away by the sensations with which extra time was reached. Thus, Wintering was enough and left over to finish the match and leave the victory at home (113-106).

MVP: Alec Wintering (Melilla Sport Capital) – 38 valuation

Cáceres P. Humanidad vs Levitec Huesca (92-86) / Statistics

Important step in front of a Cáceres that points to the Playoffs

Luis Parejo was returning to what had been his home for the last few seasons and he did it to try to surprise a Cáceres P. Humanidad who arrived at Multiusos with really clear ideas. Only in this way can the good start of Roberto Blanco’s men be understood to put land in the middle of their rival (30-16) very soon. A Devin Schmidt was in charge of this, who was very comfortable in attack and really successful in the face of the basket against an opponent who did not find vanishing points. It was, during the minutes prior to passing through the changing rooms, when the scoreboard began to compress before the push from the interiors of the Huesca team. From that moment on, a real battle began with the exchange of constant blows that led to an even end in which anything could happen. But the greater confidence of Extremadura served well for the Extremadura fans to vibrate with a key victory when it came to being able to leave the permanence practically seen for sentence (92-86).

MVP: Devin Schmidt (Cáceres P. Humanidad) – 29 valuation

Covirán Granada vs Destino Palencia (71-72) / Statistics

Lluis Costa remains intractable to lead his team to victory

Again at home, again solving in his favor a tight end and again with Lluis Costa as the protagonist. Because the Nasrid team seems subscribed to suffering in a campaign in which Pablo Pin’s men continue to aim high after their victory on the complicated field of Palencia. And, on this occasion, tracing the good start of the Palencia team before signing a solid second set with which to reach the break (25-29). And, despite trying by all possible means, the Nasrid did not They were able to break the crash against a Destino Palencia that added three at a time in the final section, but could do little before the success of Pablo Pin’s men from 4.60 (71-72).

MVP: Sean Smith (Destination Palencia) – 32 rating


Leyma Coruña vs HLA Alicante (71-64) / Statistics

Leyma Coruña suffers against HLA Alicante marked by casualties

With just 8 players on their roster and without being able to count on men of the stature of Justin Pitts, Noah Allen, Rafa Huertas or Edu Martínez, HLA Alicante moved to Riazor without any complex and ready to surprise a demanding rival. And Pedro Rivero’s men were about to achieve it on a night in which the party’s command was on their side during the first ten minutes (17-19). Although it was the passage of the minutes that seemed to bring oxygen to a Leyma Coruña that was intoned through the points of Zach Monaghan to regain control first and the advantages in the electronic later (31-30). From that moment, everything turned out a little easier for a team from A Coruña that, playing with the face marker, began to feel somewhat more comfortable despite the constant attacks from a rival who did not lower his arms until the final honk ( 71-64).

MVP: Zach Monaghan (Leyma Coruña) – 25 rating


Leche Río Breogán vs Palmer Alma Mediterránea (97-66) / Statistics

Solid leader victory to contain the pressure

Valuable victory for a Leche Río Breogán that shook off the pressure that came from the matches of its pursuers in a big way. Because Diego Epifanio’s men were able to sign the almost perfect match after passing a first quarter of blows and in which Palmer Alma Mediterránea came to be even ahead. From that moment, the push of the Lugo team from the defense illuminated an attack spurred by the return of their fans to fly in a fast lap as the minutes passed. Especially with the support of a rebound in which the people of Lugo were far superior to their rival to finish breaking the crash in the last quarter (97-66).

MVP: Salva Arco (Breogán River Milk) – 20 valuation

Liberbank Oviedo vs CB Almansa with Afanion (92-87) / Statistics

CB Almansa has a long qualifying afternoon at Liberbank Oviedo

CB Almansa had felt comfortable with Afanion during their first minutes of play in Pumarín, dominating the electronic game during the first two quarters, but the game ended up being really a lake for the interests of a team from Almansa that only gave in during the last minutes. of the meeting. Because, in that dangerous game that is usually played to many points in Pumarín, a team that could not overcome the good work of Norelia and, especially, the choral game of Natxo Lezkano’s team during the last ten minutes of play. A final that certified the victory and, most importantly, the classification of the Oviedo team for the Playoffs for promotion (92-87).

MVP: Marc Norelia (Liberbank Oviedo) – 23 valuation

Sur Aspasia RVB Clinic vs TAU Castelló (83-88) / Statistics

The TAU Castelló conquers his pass to the Playoffs with a new great game

They were superior in the rebound, they lost fewer balls, they showed themselves from 4.60 … with details like these, TAU Castelló was able to conquer a Pumarín Sports Center in which their victory would mean the classification of Toni Ten’s for the Playoffs for promotion. And that Nacho Martín was putting everything on his part so that the victory would stay at home after a resounding third quarter, but in TAU Castelló he did not lower his arms to be able to reach a final section alive in which the 30 points scored ended to confirm his triumph. All this through an excellent management of the final minutes to be able to add positively (83-88).

MVP: Nacho Martín (Sur Aspasia RVB Clinic) – 23 evaluation