Get on the plane “The Quiniela de la LEB Oro” during this weekend to visit the oldest town of the competition, an Autonomous City of Melilla where an old acquaintance of the competition awaits. And it is that, the escort Mathieu Kamba This year he celebrates his third season in a LEB Gold League that he seems to know perfectly according to his words. A knowledge that will lead you to fill your ticket with up to seven visiting victories throughout a weekend in which only the TAU Castelló and the Covirán Granada They may be imposed on their respective hobbies.

Because this time they will send twos as valuable as the one that will lead to Breogán River to certify their leadership on the track of the HLA Alicante or as the one that will drive the permanence options of your Melilla Sport Capital before him Girona Basketball… Will you be correct in your predictions?


F.2 – J.17: The pool of… Mathieu Kamba
Match Forecast
HLA Alicante vs Leche Río Breogán two
“Two very good teams that already played this year in Lugo the Final of the Princess Cup. So far they have won one game each and are always very even, but I think that this time the Breogán River can assert its leadership status to to be able to win a very important game. “
MVP: Kevin Larsen (Breogán)
CB Almansa Afanion vs Leyma Coruña two
“Although CB Almansa is a very tough team and it is very difficult to win on their track, I believe that Leyma Coruña is not going to fail. Almansa no longer has options to be in the Playoffs while Coruña has to win to be able to reach the the best possible position at the crossroads. “
MVP: Zach Monaghan (Leyma)
TAU Castelló vs Liberbank Oviedo 1
“Very difficult game when it comes to saying a winner because I think we are facing two good teams that have done very well during this second phase of the competition. I think that by playing at home I am going to say that TAU ??Castelló wins, although Liberbank Oviedo wins it. he’s doing really well. “
MVP: Juan José García (TAU)
Covirán Granada vs Clínica Sur-Aspasia RVB 1
“Covirán Granada is being one of the best teams in the competition and they have a very balanced squad. The role of their bases is being very good and if Lluis Costa manages to maintain his numbers, I think that Clínica Sur-Aspasia will have a very difficult to win on his visit to Granada “.
MVP: Lluis Costa (FCBG)
Palmer Alma Mediterránea vs Destino Palencia two
“Anything could happen … Winning at Son Moix is ??very complicated and more this year where Palmer Alma Mediterránea is playing really well, but I think Destino Palencia is going to make one last effort to win and finish the season with the best possible sensations. “.
MVP: Lorenzo Cugini (Palencia)
Levitec Huesca vs Ibereólica Ourense two
“Although a priori either of the two teams could win in a very important game because they are playing for permanence, I think that last Wednesday’s game will be a motivation for Ourense. After having lost at home they will want to turn it around to regain feelings of face to the last day “.
MVP: Andre Spight (Ourense)
ZTE Real Canoe vs Cáceres P. Humanidad two
“I think it will be Cáceres P. Humanidad who will take the game because, ZTE Real Canoe has taken a step forward in recent weeks, but it no longer has anything at stake. For its part, Cáceres has to win to close the permanence and to be able to choose to re-enlist to the Playoffs so they will not fail. “
MVP: Devin Schmidt (Cáceres PH)
Basketball Girona vs Melilla Sport Capital two
“I fully trust my team. We come from a week of good work and that is why I think we will have no problem when it comes to being able to offer our best image on a track that is very complicated. We will play a good team game to win the party growing from the defense “.
MVP: Papa Mbayer (Melilla SC)
ICG Força Lleida vs Tizona Univ. Burgos two
“Match between two very similar teams in terms of play, but perhaps these days Tizona Burgos is a little better. They come from having won at home last week and that inertia can help them in Lleida. In addition, Ricardo Úriz will want to win in one of their last home games. “
MVP: Mus Barro (Tizona Burgos)

In previous days …

In parallel to the premiere of the second phase, “The Quiniela de la LEB Oro” it happened of round during the last weeks to round off a successful season. And it is that the section has beaten its own record this course with obtaining two plenary sessions throughout its first 18 days of the course. The first of them, the one achieved by Sergi Huguet (Palmer Mediterranean Soul) in the course of Day 11 and, the second, the one signed by Joel Sabaté (TAU Castelló) just four weeks later during Matchday 15.

In this way, both players managed to gain a shared leadership that led the forward to second place. Miguel González (ZTE Real Canoe) and to the base Melwin Pantzar (Sur Aspasia Clinic) who were two hits from the plenary session with a 7/9.

In the opposite plane, the Argentine base Mateo Díaz (Breogán River), closed during matchday 15 his ticket with a 1/9 that makes him the bottom of the season. A few bets in which the maxim was fulfilled that there is nothing more important than getting the result right just as the outside of the Lugo team did.

The pool of the day in the LEB Oro
Working day Player – Team Hits Link
1 Eddy Polanco (ICG Força Lleida) 5/9 (56%) Football pools
two Javi Vega (Leyma Coruña) 5/9 (56%) Football pools
3 David Navarro (Iberian Ourense) 5/9 (56%) Football pools
4 Thomas Bropleh (Covirán FCBG) 5/9 (56%) Football pools
5 Mo Soluade (Breogán River) 6/9 (67%) Football pools
6 Pedro Llompart (HLA Alicante) 5/9 (56%) Football pools
7 Ayoze Alonso (Tizona Burgos) 6/9 (67%) Football pools
8 Alec Wintering (Melilla SC) 6/9 (67%) Football pools
9 Ramón Vilà (Levitec Huesca) 4/9 (44%) Football pools
10 Melwin Pantzar (C. Sur Aspasia) 7/9 (78%) Football pools
eleven Sergi Huguet (Palmer Alma M) 9/9 (100%) Football pools
12 Davis Rozitis (Girona Basketball) 5/9 (56%) Football pools
13 Nico Richotti (Destination Palencia) 6/9 (67%) Football pools
CUP The Captains’ Pool 12/17 (71%) Football pools
14 Juan Rubio (Real Murcia Bto) 6/9 (67%) Football pools
fifteen Miguel González (ZTE Real Canoe) 7/9 (78%) Football pools
16 Joel Sabaté (TAU Castelló) 9/9 (100%) Football pools
17 Herve Kabasele (Liberbank Oviedo) 6/9 (67%) Football pools
18 Paco del Águila (Cáceres PH) 4/9 (44%) Football pools
F.2 – J.9 Marcus Vinicius (ICG Força Lleida) 6/9 (67%) Football pools
F.2 – J.10 Sergio Mendiola (CB Almansa) 5/9 (56%) Football pools
F.2 – J.11 Romaric Belemene (Leyma) 6/8 (75%) Football pools
F.2 – J.12 Diogo Brito (Ibereólica COB) 2/9 (22%) Football pools
F.2 – J.13 Germán Martínez (Covirán FCBG) 6/9 (67%) Football pools
F.2 – J.14 Mateo Díaz (Breogán River) 1/9 (11%) Football pools
F.2 – J.15 Jorge Bilbao (HLA Alicante) 4/8 (50%) Football pools
F.2 – J.16 Ricardo Úriz (Tizona Burgos) 7/8 (88%) Football pools
F.2 – J.17 Mathieu Kamba (Melilla SC) ———- Football pools
Absolute records in “La quiniela”
Working day Player – Team Hits Link
Sergi Pino
(Melilla Bto)
7/7 (100%) Football pools
Albert Sàbat
(Ford Burgos)
7/7 (100%) Football pools
Alvaro Lobo
7/7 (100%) Football pools
Final PO
Angel Hernandez
(Leyma Coruña)
5/5 (100%) Football pools
Carlos Martinez
(Leyma Coruña)
9/9 (100%) Football pools
Sergi huguet
(Palmer Mediterranean Soul)
9/9 (100%) Football pools
Joel Sabaté
(TAU Castelló)
9/9 (100%) Football pools