He returned this year to a Leyma Coruña With whom he had played two seasons a few years ago and did so willing to help the Coruña team in their search for that long-awaited step forward in the competition.

All life insurance for all Sergio garcia on both sides of the court and, above all, a true offensive revolution in attack when the matches require those hot wrists with which to revolutionize the game from the rival rim.

Because Dago Peña It has been one of the external engines of the Galician team throughout a season in which the club has signed the best year in its history -to date- and in which they have fought for the league leadership until the last breath.

A first place that escaped only in the last seconds of an overtime in which the TAU Castelló ended up assaulting Riazor depriving the team of said privilege (90-92). And that the Dominican exterior had put everything on its side, with its 33 points of valuation, to try to secure a position that would have given the home field advantage for the entire Playoffs by promotion.

But this time his 24 points (4/5 TL and 9/19 TC), 11 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 recovery and 5 fouls received They did not have enough strength in the weight of a meeting that does not tarnish, much less, the great season of a team that will now seek promotion in the final phase of the course.

A challenge that is not without difficulty but that, surely, will be a little easier with Dago Peña at this level.

Anecdotal section:

Dago Peña knows very well what it means to revolutionize games with his game, to reign in valuation and even to be able to raise the odd MVP throughout his career. Of course, on this occasion, his latest award has made us want something more than usual since we would have to go back to the 2016/17 season, when he wore the FC Barcelona shirt, to be able to find his last league precedent. An award based on 32 valuation points that served as his personal limit (read report) and that it has surpassed on this occasion on the Riazor parquet.

The quintet of the day in the LEB Oro:

The last day of the year arrived and, with it, the last opportunity for the vast majority of teams to be eligible to achieve their respective goals. A point of no return and in which the main references of each wardrobe were morally obliged when it came to putting the best of themselves on the floor.

This could be verified at the Pisuerga Sports Center where the base Reed Timmer (Sur Aspasia RVB Clinic) He repeated his presence to lead the last triumph of the course that thus dismissed a season that will continue for a few more weeks for those involved in the fight for promotion. A battle in which his two companions on the perimeter, some Edu Durán (TAU Castelló) Y Dago Peña (Leyma Coruña) that were measured in a direct duel in Riazor starring in a great game with a final victory for the Dominican.

Fortune was equally uneven in some interior positions that fought the great battle of permanence with Clint Robinson (Real Murcia Bto) putting everything on their part for a red-yellow triumph that can be key in contrast to a Michael Buchanan (ICG Força Lleida) without choral fortune in his visit to the Autonomous City of Melilla.

Reed Timmer (Sur Aspasia RVB Clinic) 23 val: 18 points (5/5 TL and 5/7 TC), 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 recoveries and 3 received fouls.
Shooting guard: Edu Durán (TAU Castelló) 28 val: 28 points (8/8 TL and 9/16 TC), 3 rebounds, 3 assists and 5 fouls received.
Eaves: Dago Peña (Leyma Coruña)33 val: 24 points (4/5 TL and 9/19 TC), 11 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 recovery and 5 fouls received.
Power-Wing: Clint Robinson (Real Murcia Bto) 25 val: 16 points (2/2 TL and 7/8 TC), 11 rebounds, 1 recovery and 1 foul received.
Pivot: Michael Buchanan (ICG Força Lleida) 27 val: 20 points (6/6 TL and 7/9 TC), 7 rebounds, 1 recovery and 6 fouls received

Season statistics
– Dagoberto Peña:

Played games: 26
Minutes: 20.14 pp
Points: 9.9 pp
Rebounds: 3.2 pp
Assists: 1.8 pp
Recoveries: 0.9 pp
Caps: 0.1 pp
Fouls received: 1.8 pp
Rating: 8.3 pp

Sports career
– Dagoberto Peña:

Training: Charlotte HS (USA)
Marshall University (NCAA – USA)
Maldonado (LUB – Uruguay)
Lions of Santo Domingo (LNB – Dominican R.)
Mountain Academy (LCB – Colombia)
Coffee Growers of Armenia (LCB – Colombia)
Zionist Youth Center (LNB – Argentina)
Guaiqueríes de Margarita (LPVB – Venezuela)
Soles de Santo Domingo (LNB – Dominican R.)
Metros de Santiago (LNB – Dominican R.)
Leyma Coruña (LEB Gold)
Leyma Coruña (LEB Gold)
FC Barcelona Lassa B (LEB Gold)
Movistar Students (Endesa League)
KK Pieno Zvaigzdes (LKL – Lithuania)
Breogán River Milk (LEB Gold)
2020/21: Leyma Coruña (LEB Gold)