A spectacular last day, with a change of leadership in both groups, two extensions and unknowns to clear within 48 hours. Leyma Coruña lost first place at the expense of Covirán Granada, who will have a field advantage in the playoffs. Tau Castelló won in A Coruña and will be third, while Río Breogán will be second.

In the Permanence Group, equality is also the hallmark. The Cáceres World Heritage Site eliminated Bàsquet Girona from the equation and will play the playoffs if Real Murcia does not win in Ourense on Tuesday. At the bottom, ICG Força Lleida could not win in Melilla and will be a LEB Plata team.

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Río Breogán vs CB Almansa with Afanion (85-81) / Statistics

The La Mancha end a great season taking the Breogán River to the limit

Great season for Rubén Perelló’s team and he was about to close it with the final climax of a victory at the Pazo Provincial de Lugo. Great basketball game with Diego Epifanio’s team watching the results from other fields to see the final position. It was difficult to get to the lead (despite the defeat of Leyma Coruña) but the pride of the players and a new explosion of talent from Mateo Díaz (16 points from 13 minutes) turned the score around in extra time.

MVP: Nikola Cvetinovic (Afanion with Almansa) – Rating 23

Leyma Coruña vs Tau Castelló (90-92) / Statistics

Edu Durán prevents the leadership of Leyma Coruña in the extension

A new extension on the last day and a new basketball game at the Palacio de los Deportes in A Coruña. Tau Castelló did not want to make it easy for the Galicians and they competed to get the best possible classification. Those of Toni Ten had an immense Edu Durán throughout the match, and author of the last basket that gave victory to those of Castelló with less than a second to go, which gives them third place and relegates Leyma Coruña to the fourth place.

MVP: Dago Peña (Leyma Coruña) – 33 valuation

Liberbank Oviedo Bto vs Covirán Granada (78-83) / Statistics

Nasrid leadership after the victory in Pumarín

He had a jackpot on matchday 18 for Covirán Granada, who got the perfect Sunday. Victory in Pumarín and defeat of Leyma Coruña that leaves them free track to get the leadership and the field advantage throughout the playoff series. It was a very close match with Oliver Arteaga hurting the rival defense and with Lluis Costa in great shape. The Catalan point guard (14 points) and Thomas Bropleh (18) were the top scorers.

MVP: Lluis Costa (Covirán Granada) – Valuation 21

Clínica Sur Aspasia RVB vs Palmer Alma Mediterrànea (85-73) / Statistics

Hugo López says goodbye to Valladolid with victory

It was the last game of the season at Pisuerga, and the fans could see their team beat a good Palmer Alma Mediterrànea. Those of Hugo López (who announced that he is leaving the club) played a good game with 18 points from Reed Timmer and 16 from Nacho Martín, while Palmer Alma Mediterrànea remains with the seventh place that pairs him with Río Breogán in the quarterfinals. final.

MVP: Reed timmer (Sur Aspasia Clinic) – 23 valuation

Destination Palencia vs HLA Alicante (76-66) / Statistics

Destino Palencia says goodbye to the season winning

As in Pisuerga, in neighboring Palencia the local team closed the season with a victory against a team from the playoff zone. A match dominated by the people of Alicante who were overcome by a spectacular last quarter of those of Arturo Álvarez, led by Dani Rodríguez, Sean Smith and Preston Purifoy.

MVP: Preston purifoy (Destination Palencia) – 22 rating


Ibereólica R. Ourense vs ZTE Real Canoe NC (88-74) / Statistics

Iberéolica Ourense takes the first step

Gonzalo García de Vitoria’s team does not have it easy. The Permanence Group is so brutally even that a victory separates the relegation places from the playoffs. The Galicians did their homework by beating ZTE Real Canoe with the Dominican Adonys Henríquez inspired by attack (24 points with 6 triples) 2. The Madrilenians tried to equalize the match in the final minutes but ran out of time in their last match in the category.

MVP: Adonys Henriquez (Iberéolica Ourense) – 29 valuation

Cáceres Pat. Hum. vs Bàsquet Girona (73-61) / Statistics

Playoff spot won’t be decided until Tuesday

The exceptional situation this season has prevented the last quarter-final playoff spot from being known. Right now it belongs to the Cáceres World Heritage Site, which signed a spectacular last quarter to defeat Bàsquet Girona (he had everything to face to get that passport). Of course, he will have to wait for Tuesday, because Real Murcia Basketball still has options, after his victory in Burgos.

MVP: Ferran Ventura (Cáceres Pat. Hum.) – 16 rating

Melilla Sport Capital vs ICG Força Lleida (67-61) / Statistics

Melilla Sport Capital signs the permanence at the expense of ICG Força Lleida

Game of tremendous tension in the Autonomous City. Many mistakes, nerves and a low and tight score to close the season. As on many occasions, the joy stayed at home, with a Melilla Sport Capital certifying the category. And the disappointment moved to Lleida, which sees how it becomes one of the teams relegated to LEB Plata despite the great game of Michael Buchanan.

MVP: Michael Buchanan (ICG Força Lleida) – 27 valuation

Tizona Univ. Burgos vs Real Murcia Bto (75-88) / Statistics

Real Murcia Basketball dreams of the playoffs

In principle it was a vital game for the permanence in the category, but the defeat of Bàsquet Girona opens a door for them to fight for the first place in the Group of permanence and the playoffs for the title. Real Murcia Baloncesto played a very serious game (a problem in a hoop made it the last of the day) with an effective Clint Robinson.

MVP: Clint robinson (Real Murcia Baloncesto) – PIR 25