The first big unknown of the final was resolved on Saturday night on the parquet of a Sports Palace that gave Covirán Granada the first point of the series. A victory based on the collective game and, especially, on the success of their outside players from beyond 6.75 when their rival pressed the most. In this way, the Andalusian team will have their first opportunity to reach the Endesa League on Thursday in Lugo as long as they win on the track of a Breogán River ready to return to Granada.

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J.1 – Covirán Granada vs Río Breogán (67-53)
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The Final could not have started better due to the promotion for a Covirán Granada who will travel to Lugo with 1-0 in his locker after a match in which Pablo Pin’s men have been able to impose their style of play on a Río Breogán that he commanded during the first minutes of the game without being able to contain the great Andalusian reaction from the second quarter.

Kacinas makes talent available to the team (11-15)

A very physical start of the game was assumed by both teams and in which defensive toughness was one of the first guidelines and it was. Because both coaches took pains so that their players entered the court hard enough to try to intimidate the main strongmen of the rival team. A work that seemed to give better results to a Río Breogán capable of anticipating the passing lanes so that Sergi Quintela began to do his own thing. Although not for that reason a Covirán Granada was wrinkled that put everything on its part so that Alex Murphy could shine the offensive work of the team (10-3). They were moments of testing to find out how far each other could stretch the rope and, in that field, few players move better than a Mindaugas Kacinas who drew on offensive talent to star in 50% of his team’s points (7). In this way, the people of Lugo managed to leave the intermission with a small income that seemed like a whole world according to the equality prevailing until that moment (11-15).

The intensity of Bropleh and Murphy achieves the first comeback (29-14)

The intermission did not hurt a Covirán Granada that needed offensive freshness as well as a step forward on the rebound. Because the Breogán River had beaten the locals in this regard, achieving the first differences of the night. This is how Pablo Pin transferred it to his players and that is how it was noticed on the court with a greater work under the hoops that, however, did not find its continuity in the attack. Diego Epifanio knew the situations perfectly and, with an effective zone, punished an erratic Covirán in the shot midway through the third quarter (19-23). It seemed that it could be the time for the Lugo team to try to increase income, but Covirán Granada did not take long to react through the direction of Lluis Costa and, above all, with a triple by David Iriarte that confirmed the partial of the first Andalusian comeback (27-23). Kacinas had to be in charge of breaking the scoring drought of his own although, by then, Covirán’s growth from the rebound was already a reality materialized in points by the Brople-Murphy-Costa hat-trick. Three players who put in enough energy for Covirán Granada to go to rest with 11 points that were their highest income up to that moment (40-29).

The exterior success sustains the Nasrid differences (13-14)

It seemed clear that the Breogán River needed a greater contribution from a Kevin Larsen who had struggled to find the hoop (2p) and that is why the Lugo team returned to the track willing to find its star. A task that collided head-on with the wishes of Covirán Granada that this did not happen throughout a third quarter in which the priority was to retain the differences. For this, Pablo Pin’s men had to resort to outside success since the solid Galician defense had been able to leave the home team with just 3 points scored over a good number of minutes. Specifically until Thomas Bropleh and Christian Díaz were able to pull the hat to score two pitches with which to put the +12 on the electronic. Only the reaction capacity of the Breogán River was able to prevent the differences from going further in the absence of ten minutes in which the victory was going to be put at stake (53-43).

The last attempt from Lugo collides with the momentum of Covirán (14-10)

Kevin Larsen was not quite comfortable in the game and that was noticed by the rest of the team. The Galician team needed to find new scoring routes and these came from the paint, with an Israel Gutiérrez capable of breaking the rival defense with a solid mate that slightly disturbed Covirán (54-47). But the scoreboard seemed not to want to accompany one and the other in their respective attempts with a succession of failures that favored the Andalusians as the minutes passed. Especially when the potential of their bases finished tying the game in the final bars thanks to the mobility of the ball of a team that only had to wait for the final honk to celebrate the first with its people (67-53).

Covirán Granada vs Río Breogán (67-53 / 1-0)
J.2: Thursday 17 – 20: 30h (Lugo)
J.3: Sunday 20 – 19: 00h (Granada) *

Thomas Bropleh (Covirán Granada) – 22 rating

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