Covirán Granada could have continued its history with promotions away from the Palacio de los Deportes, but if Pablo Pin’s team wants to be in the Endesa League next season, it will have to beat a Río Breogán that signed next Sunday in its fiefdom. a serious match to even the series (1-1).

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J.2 – Río Breogán vs Covirán Granada (81-78 / 1-1) / Statistics

There will be a third game in Granada after the victory of the Breogán River in their fiefdom against a Covirán Granada that could not with the high pace of play imposed by the locals on a night in which the environmental factor was decisive for their interests. Thus, the home team saved the match-ball to return to Granada.

A high pace of play against a sensational Bropleh (24-19)

The Breogán River was another totally different from the same initial jump and the Covirán Granada suffered it. Because the people of Lugo showed a very different face during the first minutes to remind their rival that winning at the Pazo was not going to be an easy mission at all. Kevin Larsen took care of this on the big occasions, with a very physical game, points and, above all, defensive intimidation. In this way, the locals began to exhibit virtues in the face of the victory against a Covirán who found it difficult to impose his game, but who found his main lifeline in the figure of Thomas Brople. Because, a 3 + 1 from the Liberian, he opened the Andalusian can from the hand of a player who took all the shots. His success and the entry on the track by Christian Díaz to share the direction with Lluis Costa, seemed to bring some oxygen to a Covirán who thus achieved the first investment in the electronic (13-14). It was the first important moment of the night and the Breogán River did not wrinkle, reloading the inside game and surprising with a triple final by Mateo Díaz with which to recover the rents on the horn (24-19).

The success is reduced while the tension increases (15-22)

Both teams had shown their cards during the first bars and the match began to aim at the same level of toughness as the one experienced in Granada. Of course, this time with many more points before the push of some attacks that shortened the possessions making any defense blow up. Pablo Pin’s men tried to counteract this situation by attacking the passing lanes, trying to cut off that frantic pace, although, once again, the home team responded with solvency (28-25). Especially from the inside game, where the balls arrived again and again so that Iván Cruz and Levin Larsen were the perfect counterpoint to the success of a Christian Díaz who kept the Nasrid ship (33-30). Of course, with a high cost in the face of what remained to be played since the visitors began to be charged with fouls on a scoreboard that Covirán managed to equal after a technique on Sergi Quintela after an unsportsmanlike attack on Erik (36-36). The game heated up at times and, in turn, gained in emotion, with two teams ready to win a victory that, at halftime, seemed to take on Nasrid color (39-41).

The Quintela brothers impose a new rhythm (22-17)

The Breogán River needed a breath of fresh air with which to recover the sensations of the start of the match and this arrived with its passage through the changing rooms. A few minutes in which Diego Epifanio’s harangue seemed to motivate his players and, especially, two of those at home, some Quintela brothers who became the protagonists of a 12-2 partial in just 4 minutes with which they forced Pablo Pin to stop the game (51-43). And it was not for less since those of house moved in maximum differences before a rival denied facing the basket in the resumption. Because, with the people from Lugo climbing the passing lanes, Covirán Granada had serious problems to reach the rim of his rival. Pablo Pin’s team had a new pick and shovel job with which to try to redirect the shock again, but each attempt collided with a Lugo response (53-52). The most “painful”, those led by Kazinas with a triple from the corner and by Israel Gutiérrez with a 2 + 1 that kept his team ahead (61-58).

The punchline to the crash came in an agonizing end (20-20)

And little things changed already in the last quarter where the Breogán River returned to the track ready to show their desire to win the game. First with a new triple by Sergi Quintela and, later with another by Salva Arco. Those of Diego Epifanio felt comfortable, the fans roared and the clapper of the fighter Iván Cruz put the +10 (70-60). Pablo Pin had to shoot again from time-out, although the main concern was beginning to be in the stands because the Pazo was pressing and in what way to complicate the options of a Covirán that was beginning to intuit the third game of the series (74-62) . And that Christian Díaz put everything on his part so that it was not like that. But the final success of Breogán, especially from 4.60, took out the ticket from Lugo to be able to return to Granada (81-78).

J.1: Covirán Granada vs Río Breogán (67-53 / 1-0)
J.2: Rio Breogán vs Covirán Granada (81-78) / 1-1)
J.3: Sunday 20 – 19: 00h (Granada) *

MVP: Thomas Bropleh (Covirán Granada) – 26 valuation