The continuous line of the staff in this 21-22 should also be reflected in the new incorporations, as highlighted at the beginning of the presentation in the president of Perfumerías Avenida, Jorge Recio: “we were clear that we wanted a wide staff and with the characteristics of last season: youth and quality, and Fasoula is a true reflection of that ”. Continuity, yes, but new brushstrokes like those that “Fas” brings to the team, “it gives us a leap that we didn’t have, during the season when we played with centers like her, they caused us problems”, Recio acknowledged. “Despite her youth she has shown great things and I am sure that Roberto will bring out the best in her, he comes to a great team and a great project and we knew that sooner or later she would end up here. Better sooner than later ”, concluded the perfumery president.

After being praised, Fasoula was grateful, “Thank you for the trust, it is such a great opportunity for me. Everyone knows how big and professional Avenida is. It is an honor and a pleasure to be here and play with these players and now I have to work hard every day, so thank you, “he said. The jump to Avenida is, for Mariella, “one more level. I’ve had great experiences where I’ve been and now it’s time to get here and work hard at this level and be able to compete ”. Despite how expensive the indoor position is in Avenida, with five players in the paint, the Greek gave value to the competition, “it is true that there is a lot of competition, but each training session is like a competition, and you play against colleagues of the highest level and it’s great for all of us. That’s the way to improve, every training session you improve and it helps you in the face of the games, it makes you ready ”. With that surname, comparisons with his father, the great Panagiotis Fasoulas, have been inevitable throughout his career, “we are different, perhaps he has his hook, little else. But he has always given me advice, he is not the father who gives you compliments like “good job”, no. He corrects you, and I appreciate him because he tells me the truth and he knows me, ”commented the pivot.

For more than twenty days at her command, Roberto Íñiguez emphasized the words of the president: “she is a player who adapts to what we want. Young players who want to work and progress. It must be good for the club and good for Fas, to keep growing and raising the level. We like to move around these players out of philosophy, although we also bet on a more established player to give us solidity ”. The first weeks of work have been satisfactory, “I am very happy with how he works, with the enthusiasm he has and the focus he shows. From there it is that she takes mechanisms, which is not easy for a new player ”, explained the Avenida coach.