This is the first Conference to finish its Regular League. And there will be four teams that will fight in the Final Phase for the two places for the Promotion Phase: Ecoculture Costa de Almería, Unicaja, Sagrado Corazón Lithium and Ciudad de Huelva


The Huelva derby, decided by the minimum in extra time, has qualified the grid for the Final Phase of Conference D and the balanced Group DB. Ciudad de Huelva took the victory against Huelva Comercio (72-71) with a successful Fran Cárdenas in attack (18 points) and a spectacular Mansour Kasse in defense (24 rebounds).

Pedro Vadillo’s men, who had already won in the first leg, had a lead of 11 points that also gave them the possibility of a lesser evil. They had the victory in their hands before extra time, but Fede Ristori equalized at the last second and gave Gabi Carrasco’s men another chance.

With this result, Sagrado Corazón Lithium Iberia and Ciudad de Huelva (tied with a balance of 18-3) will decide first place in Group D on the last day of the Regular League. While in Group DA the two classified teams will be Ecoulture Costa de Almería (17-4) and Unicaja Andalucía (15-6). In the Final Phase, a double round tie will be played to determine the two teams that will fight for promotion.

Some qualifiers in which we will be able to see some of the best players in the Conference D. Joaquín Reyes, Luis Rueda and Guillermo Casini (Ecoculture Almería); Álvaro Folgueiras, Javier Luque and Mario Saint-Supery (Unicaja Andalusia); Andreas Tsoumanis, Mario Linde and Cedric Belemene (Sacred Heart Lithium); or Fran Cárdenas, Víctor Pérez and Raúl Postigo (Ciudad de Huelva).

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