Astou Ndour’s most supportive side: “I can’t see people suffer”

12/6/2021 – 11:14 AM

We discover the most social side of the EuroBasket 2019 MVP. Through her foundation, AN 45, Astou Ndour helps the most disadvantaged and needy in her native Senegal. “I feel like I have a responsibility.”


Astou Ndour, center of the Women’s National Team and MVP of the EuroBasket 2019, shows his most social and supportive side, which he has channeled since 2019 through its foundation: AN 45. “I had her in my heart for a long time. I did not want future generations to have to go through the same path that I had. When I was little, it was very difficult for me to train in good conditions”, He relates in a report published by the Spanish Basketball Federation.

The Astou foundation aims to help underprivileged and sick people in her native Senegal, such as the case of a 14-year-old girl whose leg tumor prevented her from walking: “They operated on him and everything went well. I was thrilled to see her walk again and see her smile”.

I feel like I have a responsibility. I can’t see people suffer. If I have something to give, I give it without expecting anything in return. I’m like this”. Astou Ndour, an MVP on and off the track.

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