Valencia Basket has won its first national title after winning the LF Endesa Super Cup. The team led by Rubén Burgos has defeated Perfumerías Avenida (81-63) in a clash in which the defense of the taronja was a key point for them to rise with the victory.

As was the performance of MVP Cristina Ouviña, who with 11 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists, raised hers in collaboration with the top scorer of the champion team, a Queralt Casas who went up to 15 points.

The grand final of the LF Endesa de Tenerife Super Cup began with the two participants showing a great version. Valencia Basket ensured the defensive rebound and ran, while Perfumerías Avenida scored through the great vision of the game from Leo Rodríguez (11-11).

The first period passed in a constant round trip in which all the plays were decided by the inside game of the two teams. Emese Hof, on behalf of the azulonas and Marie Gülich, on behalf of the taronja, maintained the scoring rhythm (18-17).

Two robberies by Contell that ended in a basket put Valencia ahead (20-19), however, a triple from Mia Masic and points from Maite Cazorla arrived, which allowed Avenida to win slightly at the end of the first period (22-24 ).

It was in the second period that the taronja team took off. Celeste Trahan-Davis and Queralt Casas scored from the perimeter (32-26) and despite the attempts to adjust Roberto Íñiguez’s team (33-28), the Valencian team escaped and did so while maintaining the great defense and with the goals by Raquel Carrera and Ángela Salvadores (38-30). In a final quarter-match, sponsored by a huge Cristina Ouviña who was already aspiring to the MVP, she allowed the locals to leave with a +11 at halftime (44-33).

After passing through the changing rooms, Valencia Basket made clear their intentions to win. A partial manufactured by the hands of an unstoppable Queralt Casas began to determine the balance in favor of the taronja (54-33). Perfumerías Avenida tried to approach with the departure of a Mariella Fasoula and a tireless Silvia Domínguez, both willing to pull their teammates (63-46). However, Valencia remained solid, especially in defense, and managed to maintain the advantage around twenty during the last period (81-63).

The double-double of Ouviña, the offensive aggressiveness of Casas, the success of Salvadores or the inner toughness of Gülich, in addition to the self-confidence of young academy players such as Segura and Contell. This is how Valencia Basket will remember the conquest of its first title in the national territory.

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