Lthe moment bequeathed. That rival called time that all athletes have to face sooner or later and to which we all end up giving in. Felipe Reyes is late for that date, with 41 years, carrying that combative and battling spirit that he wore on the field also outside of it. Accompanied by all his family, his teammates, the Real Madrid coaching staff and the club president Florentino Pérez, Felipe Reyes could not contain his excitement when he announced what we all knew: Spanish basketball was running out of one of its great legends.

“The moment comes that no athlete wants to see it come, but I face it with great enthusiasm. I have left 100% and my soul in each game and I hope that is what is remembered about me “, said the pivot, who declared his unconditional love for the sport of the basket. “My love affair with basketball began when I was 10 years old when they called me from Estudiantes to play a friendly match. In 1998, I made my professional debut. 23 have passed and my love for basketball remains intact. Basketball will continue in my life, but it will be my family who has the priority. “

I just hope that people stay with the fact that I was a player who always gave his best and was very close

The emotion was present at all times on the face of a Felipe Reyes who had to take a breath especially when he wanted to remember his whole family and especially his father: “I know you would have loved to be here.” The captain regained his composure and also had words for all those who have shared the pitch with him after 23 years of career: “I’m going to miss my teammates in the dressing room, their patience, their affection, how they have treated me and how we united in defeats and in travel, where we had a great time. “

Before Felipe’s speech it was Florentino Pérez, president of the Madrid club, who wanted to praise the figure of a player whom he classified as a “legend.” one of the best Spanish players who has conquered the hearts of all of us who love this sport. I want to make it clear that for me it has been a pride to have you. You have earned everyone’s respect. The values ??that have made you unforgettable will always be with us. Your story is based on your talent and your humility and with them you have built a legacy that has served to increase the image of our club “.

I would like to continue related to basketball. We’ll see, but that idea calls me a lot

Words that only served to further excite a Felipe who only has a small mole left: not having said goodbye with the public: “It would have been the climax and the end dreamed of. They have given me so much in my career … Feeling their warmth and support would have been very nice. Hopefully one day we can make a farewell as we all want. “A small but immaculate record that closes with 23 titles with Real Madrid and Estudiantes and 10 medals with the national team.

However, Reyes does not keep those trophies that no longer fit in the windows. He prefers to stay with the affection of all the fans: “I just hope that people stay with the fact that I was a player who always gave his best and was very close to people. May they remember me as a humble and hard-working person, with that I’m happy”.

The former Real Madrid player now looks to the future in a different way and although the priority is Kirenia, his wife, and their children Chloe and Axel. They are the reason for this thoughtful and unrepentant goodbye: “I have not rethought it at any time. It is true that last season was supposed to be my last, but thanks to Real Madrid I was able to extend one more. My dream was to retire here and I have fulfilled it. “It is the last notch in the record of an unrepeatable player who at some point wants to give back to basketball everything he has given:” It is clear that I really enjoy helping the youngest, staying in training with them. Of course I would like to continue related to basketball. We’ll see, but that idea appeals to me a lot. “