ANDThis Saturday the ACB League returns, returning after the emotions of the Tenerife Super Cup. It will be a different edition and it is that 23 years later, Felipe Reyes, will not play the competition.

Former Real Madrid player, Estudiantes and the Spanish team, He reviewed in ‘El Programa de Ortega’ together with Vicente Ortega and Carlos Santos his feelings after the withdrawal from professional basketball last June.

“Very happy for everything I have achieved. I never imagined it. I am very happy and fulfilled, now I already had other priorities in life and needed to rest physically and mentally. I feel privileged to achieve all that I have achieved “Felipe acknowledged.

The pivot no longer lifted the Super Cup title achieved by Real Madrid this past Sunday. “It was a bit strange for me to see the Super Cup and not see myself there with my teammates, now is when I will really miss it, but I am very happy with the step I have taken and I do not regret it at all. Real Madrid is my home, I have been able to enjoy the best club in the world. It is the maximum”, he remembered.

“There was interest from the NBA, but I had no need to leave. And I made the right decision, when you feel at home you don’t need anything else”

Felipe Reyes, in ‘The Ortega Program’

During his professional stage, which started in Estudiantes, Felipe Reyes won 24 club titles and more than a dozen medals in his 236 games with the senior team. 23 of those titles came with the Real Madrid shirt. “Pablo Laso arrived at a not very good moment and from the first day he put freshness and gave the players confidence. Very important people like Jaycee Carroll and Rudy came. They were always very competitive training sessions and when it came to playing, we enjoyed ourselves. Things have been done very well these years and this will remain to be remembered, but I hope this continues, “Reyes said on Radio MARCA.

Felipe took advantage of the talk to talk about the future of Spanish players. “The new Felipe Reyes? I really like Hernangómez, Usman Garuba … Many players will come out, but they don’t have to look like me,” he said; and to recognize that at the time he had options to play in the NBA. “There was a moment of interest from the NBA, but I had no need to leave. And I made the right decision Because the truth is that at Real Madrid I have had very nice experiences and win titles that I always dreamed of. When you feel at home in a place, you don’t need more, “he explained.

“Pablo Laso brought freshness and confidence to the players. When it came time to play, we enjoyed ourselves. These years will remain to be remembered”

Felipe Reyes, former Real Madrid player

And he spoke of two other proper names. About the future of Pau Gasol He threw in humor: “Let Pau do what makes him feel happy. Now he is enjoying his family and he will be thinking about it. I just tell him that if it is to play for Barcelona, ??then he better stay at home and retire now and leave us in peace a little bit “, joked. And the growth of Luka doncic. “Luka is an incredible person and player. Those of us who know him We knew he was going to go there and he was going to screw it up, he’s a guy with incredible talent, he’s the smartest, the one who uses the advantages the best. I hope that in the future we will see him get the champion ring, “he said.

“I tell Pau that if it is to play for Barcelona, ??then he better stay at home and retire now and leave us in peace a little bit”

Felipe Reyes, on Radio MARCA

Felipe has been a member of the ‘Generation of 80’ how many successes it has given to our basketball. “We have been fortunate to be a very good generation. Since I have retired, what makes me most happy is the recognition of people for how I am as a person. We were very normal kids, we played basketball for fun “, he sentenced.

Finally, Reyes referred to a future linked to basketball. “It would be my dream to work at Real Madrid. I would love to continue enjoying the club. Right now I am not thinking about being a coach”, he concluded.