Fernando Galindo placeholder image, president of Movistar Estudiantes, has gone through Direct BRAND to assess the relegation of his team to the Leb League.

Sensations“These are very sad days. It is tremendous for us. I have to say that we have to turn the descent into an opportunity to face the future and correct the mistakes of recent years. “

Objective. “The The objective is to move up and return to the category that we should never have lost. It must be turned into an opportunity to tackle reforms that perhaps we should have done before. We have to achieve promotion, but also maintain the youth squad and the hallmarks of this club. “

The club. “We must face this reality. Be it us or whoever it is, we are going to pass on the experience we have had. We are going to make the appropriate changes, we must draw conclusions. Intelligent and hardworking people recover from failures; fools, from successes, almost never Let us hope to be smart to find the solutions that will allow us to get out of this terrible situation. We have a great fans, all the sponsors have informed us of their intention to tell … And with all this sporting successes can be achieved. The first and most important, the promotion to ACB “.

Quarry. “We are going to reform the quarry, allocating more resources.”

Jota Cuspinera. “We are satisfied with his work. He is a man of the house. We have not made a decision yet.”

Game Pavilion. “We do not know, We can play in Magariños, but it doesn’t seem like we can play here, let’s see if it’s possible at the Wizink Center or at the Madrid Arena. It is the moment in which the institutions help us because all ACB teams play in municipal facilities and we trust that they will help us solve this problem. “

Continuity. “Personally it doesn’t pay, but it would be irresponsible to leave the institution in this situation and run away. Only rats run away. I am the maximum responsible and I face it with work and with enthusiasm “.

ACB options this year ?. “U.S We are not going to go to any office to solve anything, whatever has to be will be, we are in the category that has corresponded to us, I’m not even going to say that I hope we can continue “

Message to the fans. “We have also imagined how Atlético de Madrid coming out of hell and for that we are working and with that Illusion we will go to the dolphins to bathe to celebrate the promotion, which I am sure will be next year around this time “.

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