The most anticipated moment of the season has come in a LEB Gold League that will play the first of its final matches this coming Saturday. A match that will summon Covirán Granada and Río Breogán on the court of the Palacio de los Deportes and that will decide, in a series of the best of three matches, the name of the next champion of the LEB Oro League. A team that will achieve with the title a promotion place to the Endesa League.

CHRONICLES: The field factor sends Covirán and Río Breogán to the Final

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Covirán Granada will play the first final in its history in the LEB Oro League and, with it, Pablo Pin’s men will have in their hands the possibility of returning their city to the Endesa League a decade later. Although the rival will not be far from a bed of roses for the Andalusians who, on the other side of the court, will find a Breogán River that arrives after winning the Final of the Princess of Asturias Cup and that knows really well what it is fight for promotion. Because the Lugo team is one of those historical ones of a national basketball in which they will fight to return to the Endesa League in a series in which the field factor will be borne by their rival.

Thus, the battle will begin on the evening of Saturday 12 on the Covirán Granada floor before traveling to the Río Breogán field on Thursday 17 where we could already meet the league champion. In case the tie required a third round, this would be played in the Nasrid city on Sunday 20.


QUARTERS OF FINAL: From May 21 to 29

C1: Covirán Granada (1st) vs Real Murcia Basketball (1st F.Per)
J.1: 73-69 (1-0) | J.2: 69-62 (1-1) | J.3: 101-95 (2-1)

C2: Río Breogán (2nd) vs Palmer Alma Mediterránea (7th)
J.1: 87-72 (1-0) | J.2: 88-81 (1-1) | J.3: 80-68 (2-1)

C3: TAU Castelló (3rd) vs HLA Alicante (6th)
J.1: 78-70 (1-0) | J.2: 71-66 (1-1) | J.3: 70-78 (1-2)

C4: Leyma Coruña (4th) vs Liberbank Oviedo (5th)
J.1: 74-66 (1-0) | J.2: 69-70 (2-0) |

* Qualifiers for the best of three games

SEMIFINALS: From June 2 to 9

S1: Covirán Granada (1st) vs Leyma Coruña (4th)
J.1: 66-77 (0-1) | J.2: 82-85 (1-1) | J.3: 72-69 (2-1)

S2: Río Breogán (2nd) vs HLA Alicante (6th)
J.1: 88-87 (1-0) | J.2: 77-66 (1-1) | J.3: 87-77 (2-1)

* Qualifiers for the best of three games

FINAL: From June 12 to 20

F: Covirán Granada (1st) vs Río Breogán (2nd)

J.1: Saturday 12 – 19: 00h / Palacio de los Deportes (Granada)
Referees: F. Javier Bravo (Vas), Sándra Sánchez (Cat) and Daniel Checa (Ara)

J.2: Thursday 17 – 20: 30h / Pazo dos Deportes (Lugo)
Referees: Carlos J. García (Clm), Joaquín Lizana (And) and Asunción Langa (Mad)

J.3: Sunday 20 – 19: 00h / Palace of Sports (Granada) *
Referees: Enrique M. López (And), Asier Quintas (Vas) and Eric Carrera (Cat)

* Eliminatory to the best of three games