After the dispute of the 1st day of the Playoffs Final, the LEB Oro League coaches attended the media to show their impressions about what happened on the pitch.


It is often said that the finals are not played, but are won. But to be able to do it in a competition as demanding as the LEB Gold League, it is not enough just to be able to add the first point of the series. A message that the Covirán Granaday squad wanted to highlight yesterday, especially its technician at a press conference.

Because Pablo Pin (Covirán Granada) wanted to congratulate his team for what they achieved while calling for calm in the face of the second assault: “I understand that everyone is very excited, but nothing has been done … The players are really happy, at the club too and the fans have been incredible being the Palace of great occasions, but as I say, you have to be calm, focused, know that we have not done anything and think about the next game on the Rio Breogán track, which will be really difficult.

For its part, Diego Epifanio (Breogán River) He tried to focus on those aspects that should help his team to prevail in the second round to be able to return to Granada: “We must congratulate Granada and recover after a demanding week in which we have accumulated a lot of kilometers. Now we are going to rest until Thursday and prepare well for the game because Covirán Granada has been a team that has collapsed us a lot with a very high level of hardness and that has collapsed us a lot. We have to know how to play against it and have greater confidence in our game and our shooting “.

Covirán Granada vs Real Murcia Basketball (67-53) / Statistics

Pablo Pin (Covirán Granada): Listen to audio

Diego Epifanio (Breogán River): Listen to audio

Statements: Jorge Ruiz / Press Department CBG Foundation

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