FINAL J.1: The importance of the first point marks the level of demand on the opening night

Two teams on the ground and a single objective flying over the track, to be able to add the first point of a Final to the best of three games and in which both the league title and promotion to the Endesa League will be put into play. A juicy prize for a Covirán Granada that will have the home court factor in its favor on the opening night against a Río Breogán that will arrive in the Nasrid city ready to win a first victory that could be worth its weight in gold. An entire duel of styles in which Lluis Costa and Kevin Larsen will mark the way forward for their respective teams.


It is being a determining element in these Playoffs and, once the final tie is reached, Covirán Granada will fight because the field factor can be just as decisive for their interests. Because Pablo Pin’s men will play on Saturday night the first point of a series in which the Breogán River will fight for the opposite, to be able to surprise at home to be able to face the tie for their interests. And all this with the desire, enthusiasm and expectations that will be generated by being able to fight for promotion to the Endesa League.

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J.1 – Covirán Granada vs Río Breogán:

The first point will mark a final without margin of error

The most decisive moment of the year has come in a LEB Gold League that will begin this Saturday its grand final for the title as well as for promotion to the Endesa League. A path in which only two teams have been able to reach their end and that will grant both Covirán Granada and Río Breogán the possibility of taking their cities back to the Endesa League. For this, both teams will have to make the last great effort of the course, against an important rival and with a winning mentality that allows them to emerge triumphant from the most demanding series.

And for this, there will be no other option other than to start adding on the parquet of the Sports Palace on a Saturday afternoon-night in which the first point will be put into play. A duel in which physical fatigue and the accumulation of minutes must be put aside to be able to offer a great defensive effort with which to move the rival away from the basket. Because that is where the first options for victory will be concentrated in a match in which Pablo Pin will not be able to count on Joan Pardina, but which he will arrive with with his point guard partner (Costa & Díaz) in great shape. Two players well supported by the quality of Thomas Bropleh or Bamba Fall and who will have to find a way to stop the main rival star. Because Kevin Larsen worries -and a lot- in the schemes of a rival willing to surprise from the beginning. To do this, Diego Epifanio’s men will have to achieve a balance between the lines with which to maintain their high figures in the face of a key match.

And it is that, to start winning in Granada could suppose an important impulse, especially for the people of Lugo. Because, in a best-of-three series, whoever hits first …

Saturday 12 – 19: 00h (Granada)
J.2: Thursday 17 – 20: 30h (Lugo)
J.3: Sunday 20 – 19: 00h (Granada) *

The precedent – J.15:
Covirán Granada vs Río Breogán (97-80)


The key: The Costa-Larsen fight. They do not share a position on the track and their confrontation will therefore not be a 1×1 in the strictest sense of the term, but it will be a clash of leaders. Because both players have served throughout the season as the brains of their teams on the court. Probably the two most decisive players in a competition in which they will not be able to lower the piston now since, whoever is closer to their best level, will have a lot of won in order to win the first point of the final series.

The fact: The importance of playing at home. They have not been able to count on the presence of their fans for much of the course, but their return to the stands of the Palace and the Pazo has been key for Covirán Granada and Río Breogán to reach the Final. Two teams that have met on as many occasions during the season with a distribution of victories for who had the status of home assault. An inertia that, if it remains intact, would allow the Nasrids to gain a promotion that, for the people of Lugo, will go through being able to win at least one away game.

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