They have played 8 intense months of competition in which they have not missed their appointment with the victories and in which they have even been able to bring the first titles of the course to their showcases, but once they have reached this point, both Perfumerías Avenida and Valencia Basket are ready to leave everything on the track with a last effort that guarantees the conquest of the title in the LF Endesa.

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Perfumerías Avenida vs Valencia Basket:

Start adding to have the double match-ball towards the title

They have overcome tides and storms throughout the season and their great ability to overcome adversity has been one of the keys for both teams to meet in the final. That is why, once this point was reached, the preparation for the final could not begin for the coaches with another message to their players other than to be able to enjoy such a privileged situation.

A final that is usually normal territory for a Perfumerías Avenida that has not missed the appointment during its last 14 editions in which it has been able to lift up to six titles. A whole experience as a club that its rival lacks, a Valencia Basket that will debut this season in the fight for the great award of the course once the Valencian women managed to reach the final of the Queen’s Cup last March.

A balance that is balanced when talking about the individual protagonists of a Final in which Silvia Domínguez will put class and elegance for the charro team and in which Laura Gil will be in charge of transmitting that race to her companions. It has led him to win one title after another throughout his career.

But all that will be on one side of the court when the referees of the match throw an inauguration ball into the air that will give way to pure scouting. Because if something is clear to both Roberto Íñíguez and Rubén Burgos, it is that the defensive intensity will mark the pace of the match, especially during their first quarter where the possibility of setting the rhythm of the game with which to control the electronic will come into play.

And, from there, the first 20 minutes will mark the evolution of a duel in which the beginning of the third quarter will once again be decisive given the intensity that both teams usually print their matches after passing through the changing rooms.

Because you already know that, in the Final of the LF Endesa, who gets the first point …

Date and Time: Thursday 29 – 20: 00h

TV: Teledeporte

The precedent: Perfumerías Avenida vs Valencia Basket (71-69)

The key: Between defenses and the physical plane. The direction of the game, the control of the tempo, the success of the outside players, the consistency in the rebound … Many could be the keys that both teams must control to be able to win the title in a final of the most equal, but focusing on the first meeting of it, the defensive aspect and the physical plane could be two of the most decisive factors. The first of them at the time of setting the pace during the first minutes and, the second, as a vital meeting progresses for the final conquest of the title.

The data: The importance of starting adding. Five are the leagues conquered by Perfumerías Avenida during the last decade under the format of the Final to the best of three games and all of them have started with a common denominator, the victory of the azulón team during the first round to be able to pave their way. A vital triumph as shown by the data that emerged from the seven finals lost by the charras and in which their path had begun with a triumph of their rival.