ANDthe match between UCAM Murcia and CB Gran Canaria left the most controversial action of the past day. Sadiel Rojas elbow him in the air AJ Slaughter and, subsequently, another when both are on the ground. Granca’s escort had to leave the track in shock, with blood on his cheekbone, dizzy and with the help of a staff member. Upon his arrival on the island, he had to undergo different medical tests, since several days later, he continues to feel dizzy. In those days, obviously, he has not attended training, and has barely been able to leave the house.

Today the coach of the Claretian team explained the situation, Porfi Fisac, at the press conference prior to the match against Andorra. The technician has been able to notice the anger. First because of the action itself, and also because of the way in which he claims to have been treated by the referees of the match. In his speech, he also wanted to talk about the aggressor: “sadiel is a good boy. I think he is a man who has important feelings towards basketball, and who fights and fights for the team. I think he could be an example for children. But he loses absolutely everything in values ??by using actions that are aggressive, disproportionate“, has explained.

But little by little he has been taking his words to what is really important, the aggression suffered by his player: “It is not a question of an elbow that can be given at any time. In fact, AJ already came with a broken nose from an elbow in training. But why elbow him already on the ground? And why do the referees get mad when I tell them he deserves expulsion? We now lose a very important player for a vital match. Someone should tell Sadiel to stop this type of action “, he has sentenced.

official statement

The CB Gran Canaria has published a statement in which it reports the complaint it makes against Sadiel Rojas, and in which it asks for an exemplary sanction: “Given the incident suffered by our player AJ Slaughter in the match of last Sunday, April 10, 2022 at the Palacio de los Deportes de Murcia in the match of matchday 28 of the regular phase of the Endesa League, CB Gran Canaria has filed a complaint with the Single Competition Judge of the ACB League against the player D. Sadiel Rojas for his violent and unsportsmanlike behavior, urging said body to instruct the corresponding sanctioning file against the indicated player in the terms provided in the FEB Disciplinary Regulations”.