FItipaldo and Shermadini had dinner at Unicaja in Tenerife, (87-82). Unicaja was never comfortable in a match where Txus Vidorreta’s men were better in the paint and the outside game. The canaries take the thorn out of the first day and remind those of Carpena’s old ghosts of the past.

The crash started with a certain equality. Both teams had scoring problems and the defenses were prevailing on the floor. It was Lenovo Tenerife who got the first set of a certain level. Former typesetters Salin and Shermadini put together Doornekamp 9-2 on the electronic. Barreiro was the only one with marksmanship on the Katsikaris team. The former Zaragoza was the most accurate and he turned on the visitor tune. After a triple by Norris Cole, Unicaja fell back into a drought. Fitipaldo and Guerra again led a set for the islanders who left five up at the end of the first ten minutes, (20-15).

The second quarter started with Unicaja learning the lesson. Jaime Fernández began to move the team and Eric, the only one with a certain capacity for intimidation, to score in the paint. Fitipaldo put distances back on the scoreboard after the Malacitan comeback. It was then when Lenovo Tenerife started working on the outside game. Fitipaldo continued his work and Shermadini hit hard under the basket. Seeking to stop Tenerife’s superiority, Katsikaris gave entry to Guerrero. The Marbella pivot left a cap for the memory and made up something in a quarter in which Unicaja was far from his best version despite the short disadvantage, (38-34).

After the break Shermadini and Micheal Eric engaged in a high-level duel under the boards. The Georgian emerged victorious, forcing Eric to even make an unsportsmanlike foul. They were undoubtedly the key minutes for the yellow victory to cook. Huertas, Salin and Shermadini himself broke the equality, taking Tenerife almost ten points ahead. It was Norris Cole’s moment. The point guard stole, assisted and scored with Bouteille to bring Unicaja back together very intermittently. The crash entered a phase of many interruptions. Francis Alonso and Barreiro were the last to score in a third quarter that left the teams at a similar distance, (61-54).

Unicaja’s weapon in the last quarter was triples. The Los Guindos team left the game early. Although the distance on the scoreboard ended up being short, the Canaries were always one step ahead. Lenovo Tenerife also knew how to dominate the 6.75 line. Fitipaldo from afar and Shermadini from close up punished a Unicaja who could not defend to get closer on the scale. In Unicaja, Jaime Fernández and Bouteille’s desire were not enough for a Malaga team that ended up giving up. Tenerife added its first victory and Unicaja its first defeat. A script that Katsikaris was already waiting for on Wednesday.

– Data sheet:

87 – Lenovo Tenerife 87 (20 + 18 + 23 + 26). Fitipaldo (31), Salin (12), Doornekamp (4), Wiltjer (6), Shermadini (19) -initial-, Huertas (8), Rodríguez (-), Sastre (2), Sulejmanovic (-) and Guerra ( 5).

Unicaja Málaga 82 (15 + 19 + 20 + 28). Cole (12), Fernández (17), Boutelle (14), Barreiro (13), Eric (7) -initial-, Vicedo (-), Díaz (-), Abromaitis (7), Alonso (8), Guerrero ( 4) and Nzosa (-).

Referees: García González, Manuel and Olivares. They pointed out technique to the Lenovo Tenerife player Bruno Fitipaldo (min.37).

Incidents: Santiago Martín Sports Pavilion. Before the start of the match, the two teams, together with the match officials, carried a banner that read “All with La Palma” in support of the inhabitants of the Isla Bonita.