With the president of Cáceres Ciudad del Baloncesto, José Manuel Sánchez, at the head, the squad and coaching staff of the Extremadura first basketball team did not want to miss out on one of the city’s most deeply rooted traditions, the visit these days to the patron saint, the Virgin from the Mountain that descends from its sanctuary to the Co-Cathedral of Santa María after three years without said event being held due to the pandemic.

A festival of regional tourist interest, the descent and the Marian novenario, which attracts thousands of people from Cáceres to the old part and in which this Monday has been used to “pray” for a great end to the basketball season.

In a simple act, in which members of the Mountain Brotherhood have also participated, including its president Juan Carlos Fernández, the captain of the Cáceres World Heritage Site, Jorge Sanz, has placed a bouquet of flowers at the foot of the Virgin, while the priest Rafael Delgado has blessed those present.

The entire staff of the Cáceres World Heritage Site has participated in a simple act in the Co-Cathedral of Santa María, following the traditions of thousands of people from Cáceres these days, “begging” for a good end to the season.