After a particularly complicated season due to the restrictions generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, the ICG Força Lleida although the new course with the hope of a return to normality increasingly closer and with the illusion of feeling the heat of the stands of the Espacio Fruta-Barris Nord. With this objective, the club has proposed a season ticket campaign that seeks, in the first place, to thank the trust of those season ticket holders who remained loyal to the entity last season despite the difficulties. And also – no less important – to recover those fans that the health crisis has driven away from the pavilion.

To achieve this, Força Lleida will present its subscribers with an exclusive design and limited edition polo shirt specially made to commemorate the first decade of life of Força Lleida, which celebrates its tenth season this 2021/22 season. Subscribers must choose the size (or cuts and in the case of family modalities) when renewing the subscription, although they can choose between this piece or a 50% discount on the renewal of the card from last season.

The prices of the main season tickets remain intact with respect to those of last season, and therefore the reduction of 20% is maintained compared to the prices of the 2019/20 campaign, the last one before the emergence of Covidien-19 . However, new price reductions apply for younger subscribers. With the clear vocation of bringing new blood to the pavilion, a new modality is created for youth and children’s passes, located on the sides and curves, with a price of 35 euros for young people between 16 and 24 years old and free for boys and girls up to 15 years old.

In addition, maintaining prices means, in practice, a reduction in the price of the matches, since when the LEB Oro returns this year to the single group competition format, the spectator will be able to enjoy this season of 17 regular league matches and not 13 like last year. In addition, the subscription also includes entry into the City of Lleida Trophy, which will take place in September.

Regarding the graphic presentation of the campaign, it has again been in charge of the Lleida company Cr3ativa, directed by Montse Pociello, working together with the Club’s Communication and Marketing department. The image seeks to highlight the playing pavilion -which this year will also celebrate the 20 years of its construction- for its role as a reference space and common home of Lleida basketball, especially after the pandemic and at a time when Force Lleida adds efforts and illusions with another of the city’s historical, CB Lleida, with a comprehensive project by the teams of the two clubs that has already begun to walk. Over the next few weeks and until the start of the league, the campaign will continue with different communications and initiatives focused on claiming and highlighting the concept of the Espacio Fruta-Barris Nord pavilion as a true nerve center of Lleida basketball.