Fotis Katsikaris will continue to manage Unicaja until the end of the 22/23 season after the agreement reached with the Los Guindos club. The Greek coach, who came to replace Luis Casimiro in January, with the season already very uphill, managed to improve the team’s level, but the results turned his back on him. Even so, the Board of Directors has been convinced of his methods and has not hesitated to offer him an extension of the contract for two more years.

It has been taken into account that the squad was badly configured, that the requested reinforcements could not be given and that, for example, going back to the Top of Eurocup, the great goal of the Malaga team, was almost impossible. Later, Unicaja seemed to take flight with a great match in the quarter-finals against Barça, champions in the end, and in which only a controversial play in the last second prevented them from advancing to the semifinals. From there, Unicaja has been a very irregular team to the point of being left out of the playoffs. Fact that has not happened since 2013 with Jasmin Repesa on the bench.

To argue their trust in Katsikaris, the typesetter team considers that due to its “methodology and work ethic, and its philosophy of play” it should be the first stone of the Unicaja 21/22 project. He will help set up the squad, which will not include Deon Thompson, who will play in Puerto Rico after the end of his contract.


Katsikaris began his ACB stage in Valencia, from 2007 to 2009. But it was in Bilbao where he reaped his greatest achievements in the three and a half seasons that he was in charge of the men in black. Later he directed UCAM Murcia in two stages and Iberostar Tenerife. His last experience in the Spanish league was last season when he managed Herbalife Gran Canaria, with whom he played the Final Phase in Valencia.

In addition, the Unicaja coach has been coach of Greece from 2014 to 2016 and Russia, although he did not eventually manage any games.

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