On Saturday, April 30 and Sunday, May 1, the second team that, together with Barça CBS, will be promoted to LF Endesa will be decided. We analyze the path of the four projects that will try to tie the promotion in this Final Four of Alcantarilla.


This weekend Alcantarilla hosts the Final Four in which the last promotion to LF Endesa is decided. Four teams aspire to it, either due to recent growth such as Hozono Global Jairis and Manuela Fundación RACA, or due to tradition such as Recoletas Zamora and Vantage Towers Alcobendas, present a solid project prepared to occupy a position in the highest national category. .

Hozono Global Jairis

Last year they were in the final phase of Leganés and despite not obtaining the promotion prize, they made it clear that they would soon fight again to be in the LF Endesa. Thus, this course the team from Murcia has given a blow of authority by settling in second place in the LF Challenge with a balance of 24-6. Bearing in mind that the promotion to LF2 occurred in 18/19, the enormous growth that the entity has experienced in recent years is clear.

And to complete this growth, without a doubt, the signing of Erika de Souza. Both by numbers, being the second most valued player of the course (18.5), and by the bonus that a Euroleague and WNBA champion leads the group. Next to her, Alicia Gonzalez and Bea Royo provide seniority while players like Rebeca Cotano or Alejandra Sánchez they live their season of consolidation.
On the bench, an experienced Lucas Fernandezwho knows what it means both to direct and to be an assistant at LF Endesa, will have the task of completing the great task carried out by Víctor Verdú until his retirement from the coaching staff due to health problems.
And to all these ballots, the advantage of playing at home is added, in a Fausto Vicent that promises a great atmosphere during the weekend.

Recoletas Zamora

After ten consecutive years at LF Endesa, Recoletas Zamora lost the category last year, but it didn’t take long for them to come back, and since the beginning of the season, the Zamora team has always occupied high positions that place them in the ascent orbit. One of the best assets to achieve the goal this weekend in Alcantarilla is undoubtedly the career of its coach Jacinto Carbajal, who has accumulated five seasons as coach at LF Endesa and three promotions. In the template, the captain Martha Montoliu She will contribute her experience as a player with seven campaigns in first. Another notable name is isa latorrewho has been one of the bases that has shown the best performance during the course and who, after rising last year at the hands of Innova TSN Leganés, is more than ready for an event of these characteristics. Gala Mestres, Clara Che, Morgan Green or Nneka Ezeigbo They are other names of a squad that in Alcantarilla will show off its strengths, the outside shot and the rebound.

Manuela RACA Foundation

The Manuela Fundación RACA has awakened the enthusiasm of the entire city of Granada and proof of this was the incredible atmosphere that took place last weekend in the second leg of the Playoffs that gave the team the pass to the Final Four. In fact, the illusion of the city can be extended to that of the whole of Andalusia, since the 15/16 season there has not been a team from the community in the LF Endesa. It is the first time that this club fights for promotion and therefore being in Alcantarilla will be the reward for the short but intense career of the entity since its promotion to LF2 in 17/18. Despite being the first time they have reached a phase, there are many ballots for this group and without a doubt one of them is the presence of Patri Benet. The Valencian base accumulates five promotions and in Murcia will participate in its sixth phase for promotion.

Vantage Towers Alcobendas

16 uninterrupted seasons in the silver category give Vantage Towers Alcobendas an extraordinary knowledge of what this phase can be. The Madrid squad has been in five fights for promotion, its best results being three consecutive third places from 13/14 to 15/16. Only Clara Rodríguez knows what it means to achieve promotion and spend a campaign at LF Endesa at the hands of Movistar Estudiantes. In this case, it is not the experience that guarantees the garnet team, but its path during the current course in which they have achieved 21 victories based on being one of the best defenses in the league and the exceptional performance that the team has shown. triplet made up of Lucia Togores, Clara Rodriguez and Laura Howard.


Hozono Global Jairis vs Vantage Towers Alcobendas
Saturday 30 at 5:00 p.m. | Twitch @BasketballESP

Recoletas Zamora vs. Manuela Fund. Raca Granada
Saturday 30 at 7:00 p.m. | Twitch @BasketballESP

Winner S1 vs Winner S2
Sunday 1 at 12:30 p.m. | Twitch @BasketballESP

TV: Official Twitch Spanish Basketball Federation

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