Polyvalence! That is usually one of the most searched terms each year in the summer market by some sports directors who try to obtain the greatest possible number of resources for their squads.

Bases that can alternate their position with the escort position and vice versa, high threes that can move perfectly in both lines entering with force on the rebound, fours capable of both going out to shoot and being able to function near the hoops… Qualities with which to be able to enrich the tactical systems of their coaches and even more so in those cases in which the economy does not allow them to enjoy long templates with which to be able to overcome those moments of difficulties generated by injuries.

But these duplicities in terms of qualities seem to have acquired a greater dimension in recent seasons with a series of players who have been able not only to move in different positions, but also to be able to exceed their functions to shine in tasks far removed from their posts.

Point guards capable of rebounding strongly and pivots capable of generating play for their teammates, thus becoming a triple threat.

Adrián Chapela, the base that dominates from the address to the hoops

He came to the discipline of Melilla Sport Capital with the aim of being able to take a step forward as he recognized in a interview at the beginning of the course and… boy, did he succeed! Because the season starring Adrián Chapela has been the best of the career since this young point guard since he settled in the LEB Gold League some years ago. And it is that Chapela has been able to sign his best card this year with figures that have been tracing an upward trajectory throughout the course to improve in all facets of the game.

Although if there has been a section in which he has greatly surprised during his year in Melilla, that has been the rebound. Because never before in his career had the player from Lugo been able to secure 3.6 sacks per game to end up as the most rebounding point guard in the competition. A job with which he has been of great help to his team, especially in those moments in which casualties and injuries took their toll on the inside game, and with which he has given a good example of his ability to add in different facets, even when these require a special overexertion.

In this way, Chapela led an unofficial ranking in which two other nationals were able to show off their chests in a top5 in which Josep Franch from the ranks of Bàsquet Girona and Jorge Sanz from the Multiusos del Cáceres P. Humanidad slipped in.

Statistics of the season – Adrián Chapela:

Games played: 33
Minutes: 26.23
Points: 7.8
Rebounds: 3.6
Assists: 4.7
Recoveries: 1.3
Plugs: 0.1
Fouls received: 2.9
Rating: 12.3

LEB Oro: From the rebounding point guard, to the assistant center
Top 5 rebounding point guards
Position Player Matches bounces Half
1 Adrian Chapela 33 120 3.67
two Melwin Pantzar 33 119 3.61
3 Josep Franco 3. 4 122 3.59
4 Jorge Sanz 33 108 3.37
5 Alec Wintering 3. 4 111 3.26
Top5 assisting centers
Position Player Matches bounces Half
1 Marc Gasol twenty 57 2.85
two Michael Carrera 31 70 2.26
3 nemanja durisic 29 54 1.86
4 Rolandas Jakstas 32 56 1.75
5 Karamo Jawara 26 Four. Five 1.73
* Data collated during the 34 Regular League games

Marc Gasol, the greatest game generator from the paint

When his arrival at Bàsquet Girona was confirmed at the end of November, very few had any doubts about the performance that Marc Gasol could offer to his team’s game. A true international star for whom the main determining factor could have been in the logical period of adaptation to the Competition. But being able to solve it on the fast track, the Catalan interior began to offer the best version of him since his debut in Fontajau against Levitec Huesca and even with his first outing to the Zunder Palencia field.

But Marc Gasol has not only experienced points and rebounds this season, who during the Regular League confirmed his great ability to generate play from the paint. A task facilitated not only by his vision to be able to find his teammates but also by his ability to move the ball between the defenses that focused all his efforts on being able to stop him. Especially, with some ball investments that began to generate the points with which the Sàbat, Franch or Fjellerup fed the team’s game from the perimeter.

A condition that even caught Karamo Jawara, who stood out alongside Marc in this ranking of assistant centers and in which the top finishers have been very present.

Season statistics – Marc Gasol:

Games played: 20
Minutes: 25.22
Points: 14.8
Rebounds: 8.6
Assists: 2.9
Recoveries: 1
Plugs: 0.6
Fouls received: 4.6
Rating: 23.5