ANDhe Urbas Fuenlabrada is going to request a replay of the match he played last Saturday against Coosur Betisa direct rival for the permanence that defeated him 77-82, due to his disagreement with several arbitration decisions and with the result of the video reviews (‘instant replay’) made during the match.

The team from Fuenlabrada considers that during the second part of the match there is “up to 15 referee decisions“that harm them, according to the president of the entity, Joseph Quintana, to the newspaper AS. Club sources have confirmed to EFE that this request will be submitted.

The route for this type of claim is through the Sole Judge of the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB), as sources from the ACB have explained to EFE.

If successful, the complaint would decisively affect the fight for permanence in the Endesa League, in which currently the Fuenlabrada sits just ahead of the two teams occupying the two relegation spots, Inherits San Pablo Burgos and Morabanc Andorra, with a victory advantage, while Betis has a margin of two, although they have one more game. This Saturday the Fuenlabrada will visit the Andorra at 6:00 p.m.