ANDl name of Gabi deck it sounded loudly again in the Endesa League environment just a few months after leave Real Madrid in the middle of the season to start his NBA adventure. The Argentine became one of the names of the summer in Barcelona, who considered the possibility of his signing given the uncertainty of his future in the Thunder.

The forward of Colonia Dora, however, was always clear about his destination for this course: the Chesapeake Arena in Oklahoma. “Nothing that has been said was true. My intention has always been to stay here in the Thunder.”, confessed the Argentine player who participated in his first half day in the NBA.

Gaby Deck presents to the NBA in a big way with an assist from behind

Deck disputed 10 games (8.4 points and 4 rebounds in 21.2 minutes on the court) last season with the Thunder jersey for which he charged $ 3.9 million. Now, the Argentine player has signed an amount of 3.6 ‘kilos’ for this new campaign, but it is unknown if that sum is totally or only partially guaranteed or how his contract with the Thunder is structured. His new goal on the horizon is January 10, at which point he will be able to guarantee his contract for the rest of this season.

“We liked Gabi (Deck). LArgentines have a spirit in the way they play. He is highly motivated to prove his worth in the NBA, I think he did quite well in the ten games he played. I am his fan, I think he is a winning player. “With these words, Sam Presti, General Manager of the Thunder, highlighted Deck after a first season in which he could hardly demonstrate his potential. Now he will be able to do it from the beginning.