“The reality we have is a challenge”

“What I would like in 2022 is for the pandemic to go down in the history books and not in the daily newspapers. That would be the best news ”.

“And in our world, we would like not to have to be talking like we are starting to talk now again on Thursdays, Fridays, of postponements of games, of COVID infections … It is really complicated. We need and want to have a normality, like the previous one, in which we only worried that our competitions grew, that our training teams continue with their continuous evolution, that the absolute teams achieve results that would make us all feel proud ”.

“But it is the reality that we have, and it is a challenge: from trying to finish our competitions again in the first half of the year in the most successful way possible, why not organize the best training World Cup in history… We have the tools To do so, the commitments we have with the Andalusian Government and the municipalities allow us to be very optimistic, but we do not know what will happen. What we aspire to is to face every challenge that daily reality demands of us with the utmost responsibility but with the utmost ambition. That the generational relays that we have in the National Teams culminate in a great men’s Eurobasket; That the Feminine take advantage of this summer in which she is not going to have ordinary activity to accelerate that generational change with girls who are there; to prepare for the 2023 U19 Women’s World Cup in the Community of Madrid; to continue growing in the 3×3; to try to continue growing financially, which will allow to have more resources to help, to collaborate, to organize everything better, from our competitions to large events, to training, etc. These are everyday challenges than in times of pandemic they become challenges multiplied by three ”.

From surplus to sponsor confidence

“Of course still at the end of the year the budget closes during the month of January, but we have commented on it in the last meeting with the presidents of the Autonomous Federations: we are going to throw black numbers again, which is very important, and more in year of pandemic. I want to break a spear by all levels of Spanish basketball, who understand that it is not always possible to satisfy everything that people or organizations demand, but that there is always a common effort to seek financial stability that can allow this to continue to work ”.

“And to a fundamental and essential branch of the Federation, which is the support and trust of the sponsors, of those who have been there for a long time, those who have less and those who want to come. It is always appreciated that a company invests in sports and basketball, but much more in times of pandemic. Organizations are also living very hard times, and the confidence that we have shown them at the level of seriousness at work, responsibility, rigor, that everything that is discussed in a negotiation later becomes reality … “

“The only thing we cannot guarantee is the results. But everything else is. I think that has earned us a vote of confidence. That they continue here, that they even continue to diversify, to the masculine, to the feminine, in our competitions, our National Teams, to the training … I think it is for an eternal gratitude and to be very proud ”.

“The big events to attract media attention and new fans”

“When we said that the commitment to major international events had to be continuous in these four years, we demonstrated it. In this 2021 we have organized the Eurobasket of Valencia. In 2022, which begins now, we will have the Men’s U17 World Cup in Malaga, Marbella and Alhaurín de la Torre; in 2023 the U19 Women’s World Cup will come in the Community of Madrid. This is not why. It is first because FIBA, and I am infinitely grateful to the Central Board, its president and its secretary general, has confidence in Spain when it comes to organizing large events: apart from these three, we have organized the U16 Women’s Challenge in San Fernando, the bubble of Valencia in the qualifying windows, at the time we also aspired to organize others if there had been any.
FIBA trusts us, it is to be appreciated, but we have also earned it hard ”.

“These events, which are difficult to organize, both financially and organizationally, are the extra call to attention to what our competitions are, our ordinary day-to-day in which we work to make everything better. We need these great events, both in training categories and in absolute, to attract that of the media and new fans ”.

“If Spanish sport grows and is bigger, basketball is also going to benefit. That is why the maximum collaboration with both the Higher Sports Council and the Spanish Olympic Committee, ADESP, on whose two executive committees I have the honor to be ”.

“An exceptional international reputation”

“But also basketball in Europe and in the rest of the world. Not only are we on the Central Board of FIBA ??or on the executive committee of FIBA ??Europe, but practically all of our managers are on working committees of the European federation with the firm will to contribute and help grow. We believe that Spanish basketball has an exceptional reputation, and if we can contribute our grain of sand to that growth, we will be delighted to do so ”.

“We would like this new Sports Law to create a framework in which to solve many of the problems that Federations face every day. Apart from the fact that some people may have a better or worse image, I live with many colleagues from federations, some larger, some smaller, and everyone leaves their soul for this to work ”:

“Collaboration with the administrations, the Higher Sports Council, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, they know it in private and I always say it publicly, they will have it, and if they want to have our opinion, it will always be a pleasure to collaborate. To find stable frameworks, such as this Law, that allow us to face the future with the best guarantees to be able to make each of our sports grow ”.

“The Centennial, the meeting point of past, present and future”

“The Centennial of the FEB, and that I am well understood, is a perfect excuse to make our sport worthwhile. He has an extraordinary past, a wonderful present, and a very hopeful future. And those hundred years have to be the meeting point of these three realities. We are working on a series of large celebratory events, with one central event. I say the same thing again: working in a pandemic is very complicated, doing a two or three-year project is extremely complicated, but we are working on it. And for now, everything that is planned for this path that will lead us to the Centennial year is being fulfilled. 2022 should be the year to specify what 2023 should be in order for it to be a year of celebration ”.

“A basketball more united in responsibility and ambition”

“All Spanish basketball is more united than before the COVID crisis, it is closer to the fans. He has done an exercise of responsibility that I think gives a lot of credibility to his organization and to our sport. I wish we hadn’t had this crisis, but from the first day they confine us, until today and everything that remains, we have seen it as an exercise of responsibility, but also as an exercise of ambition ”.

“The Spanish Basketball Federation, not only as an organization but as the home of all levels of Spanish basketball, has shown this ambition and responsibility that I believe places us in the position where we should be.”