Jorge Garbajosa: “I hope that the next Entrance Ceremony will be as magical a night as last year or more”

“A joy to have come together again with all the levels of Spanish basketball here in the As newspaper. Before starting the meeting, the most magical night that we lived in La Cartuja last October 21 came to mind, with people who he deserves everything and that he has managed to get Spanish basketball to where it is right now. It was an unforgettable night, the recognition with his family and the rest of the public”.

“Today has been difficult, because the candidates are of an extraordinary level. But you have to choose, and as I was commenting with Vicente, it comforts us to know that this has guaranteed continuity and that those who have not been able to enter today will enter later”.

“I hope that the next Entrance Ceremony will be a night as magical or more like the one we experienced last year. I always say it: in the six years that I have been in this position, I have experienced difficult moments and other absolutely wonderful ones, but I find it hard to remember a night with the atmosphere of respect, emotion, tribute to so many people and organizations. I have the great privilege of representing Spanish basketball today throughout the world, and when I see the respect we are shown, it is thanks to all those people who were recognized a year ago, today and those who will be in the future”.

Vicente Jiménez: “The Hall of Fame has an emotional component that makes it special”

“For the newspaper As, the Hall of Fame is one of the most important initiatives because, first of all, it is a recognition of athletes and people who made Spanish basketball great, and As has always been there, helping as much as possible. And secondly because it seems to me a fantastic example of collaboration between a sports institution and a collaborative media. We would not exist without each other, and this is a good example of how we can unite to turn the history of Spanish basketball into an informative asset and finish it off with a great gala in recognition of all the people we remember every day ”.
“I hope that the second Entrance Ceremony will be even better than the first, because the atmosphere we live in when we meet, I recognize that I have experienced it in very few events. It has such an emotional component that makes it special. With Jorge we aspire to make it an even greater success”.

Isa Sánchez: “For the Junta de Andalucía it is a pride”

“For the Junta de Andalucía it is a pride, and for me especially because I come from basketball, it is a pleasure and an honor to be here representing the councillor. I have to thank the Hall of Fame for having proposed both the Board for the Extraordinary category and of course our dearest Javier Imbroda, who has left a very important legacy for all of us who have been able to work side by side with him”.

“Javier was extraordinary, an irreplaceable person. He always said ‘stay away from the sad’, it’s a phrase I have on my blackboard. He has left us a wonderful person. What he did in his sports career was spectacular, both in clubs and in the National Team, and at work level he was an irreplaceable leader, who motivated us all. He was a great, and we must pay him the tribute he deserves”.

Elisa Aguilar: “A recognition like this is the most that can be aspired to”

“It is an honor and a pride. When you have stopped playing basketball years ago, recognition like this is received with great joy, and more so from the FEB Hall of Fame, my home for so many years, in which I have defended this jersey 22 times, which has been the most important of my career, I can only thank the members of the Selection Committee and the Players’ Association who have proposed me. And looking forward to enjoying the night of next October and sharing it with all the chosen ones”.

“I think that an award like this is the best that can be aspired to.”