Chen the years go by the history books of basketball they will praise this epic Real Madrid as it deserves, who overcoming a thousand and one adversities again squeezed his pride and brought out that competitive gene that their players are in series to end the resistance of Valencia (80-77) and get into the final of the Endesa League by ninth time in the last 10 years. But surely the path of this, due to the many obstacles it has encountered, has been the most complicated.

It was a very close match that ended up opting for the Madrid side in the last minute with a Garuba’s 2 + 1, the best of his team (16 + 14). The young pivot was splendid at the start and end of the match, contributing by injecting energy into your team. Together with him they stood out in the triumph Causeur (15), the reappeared Llull (13), Taylor (10) and a Tavares gigantic in the second half, with 7 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 blocks. It was the wall that began to melt the resistance of Valencia, where Kalinic (13 + 4) was very alone, and who was penalized by Madrid’s rebounding dominance (39-30 with 13 offenses).

The Madrid came out better and soon marked territory with a Causeur incisor and with great intensity behind (10-3, min 3). Tailor led the taronja reaction (10-8), but it was a great Garuba (7 + 5 + 2 steals in the first act) who gave a new pull for the whites (17-10, min 8). Ponsarnau changed his entire quintet looking for more intensity. They were better covered behind and the triples of Tobey and Prepelic approached their own before Llull, who reappeared due to the limping Alocen, closed the room with a triple house mark (22-18).

The second act began to the sound of Rudy and Kalinic. The Mallorcan took a wrist and the Serbian took him to the post. Before the null combat between Tavares and Dubljevic it was Tobey and Taylor who pulled theirs. And later Prepelic and Carroll, but the forces were still even. The referees also matched it by not signaling clear fouls to Labeyrie and Tavares, and yes other doubtful to the Cape Verdean and Carroll, A triple of Garuba allowed the whites to maintain the advantage at halftime (42-39). Madrid dominated the rebound (19-16 with 7 offensive), but the parity was maintained in triples (7/16 by 6/11) and also (negatively) in shots of two (6/17 and 7/19). Many nerves.

Tavares, who had tiptoed through the game until then, made an appearance in a big way. He put two blocks, scored seven points taking the third foul on Dubljevic and he assisted Causeur for Madrid to demarcate (57-49, min 27). Valencia could only avoid the white wall with a Williams triple and a 2 + 1 from Hermannsson, but accused the giant’s blow Y Llull put the maximum (59-50, min 29). Sastre, with a triple, and Hermannsson aborted White’s launch before the fourth quarter (59-55).

Tobey extended the set to 7-0 (59-57), but Madrid shook off the pressure with a triple of Taylor and two from Llull (68-59, min 33). Valencia solved that critical moment by cramming Kalinic with balls, who got oil taking Rudy and Llull to the post and led a 0-8 run (68-67, min 35). Alocen and Garuba, with a triple, they returned the blow (73-67, min 38). But the young white pivot sinned as a fledgling by giving away a triple a Tobey by touching his shot he had come up short. Four free throws by Dubljevic offset a bombita by Carroll (75-74). And Garuba sentenced with a 2 + 1 (78-74, min 39), because then Valencia ate the ball and Tavares took a decisive rebound for Madrid to seal the pass to the final (80-77).

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