Pthey roast the games and each is a louder amp than the other for the NBA than Garuba may be able to do. Okay, I could play with the elders, and shine in certain games but What about the defining moments, the ones reserved for the stars?

Well, they are also from Garuba. It doesn’t matter what your eagerness to catch every ball I precipitated a childish mistake (He won’t do it anymore) and give Tobey a triple. Then it is removed a 2 + 1 from the top hat after capturing an offensive rebound thatOtherwise, it would have made life difficult for his team. And before, as if he were a consummate marksman, nails a triple that gives life to Madrid. With astonishing cold blood.

The doubts about his ability were more than dispelled but, if there was any left about his performance when the ball is heavier and much more experienced players prefer not to shoot (right Tobey?), they all left with their triple and their rebound, with their great game, 16 + 14, both tops in Playoffs and with that energy that infected his team from the beginning.

Pablo Laso said of Garuba: “He always plays well because there are minimums that he always puts on the field. Usman goes to everything, and it is the great merit he has. “That was what Usman did throughout the game against Valencia. Along with Tavares led his team to the final and he didn’t look like he was 19 years old. That must be given by the house, because Luka Doncic was the same.

The NBA already knows what Garuba can do. And if his march to the American League depends on the position he occupies in the Draft, he will have to be considered lost because the ceremony has to go wrong so that it is not Top 10. But first, Garuba will have an entire Endesa League final to continue making noise. He is a decisive player who has already fallen in love with the NBA.