The digital transformation, and the opportunities it entails, is now within the reach of medium and small-sized sports teams in the Basque Country and Navarra thanks to KIROL APP, a customizable platform designed by the Basque telecommunications company Guuk to promote the growth of clubs eliminating the technological barrier. Bilbao Basket, Lointek Gernika and Amorebieta are three of the first teams to enjoy the advantages offered by this technological solution, such as the registration of fans and partners, communication with their community, ticketing and even watching the games played at home via streaming . Functionalities that will allow sports entities to be better connected with their community and explore new models for generating resources through digitization.

“We have made the latest technology available, the digital tools already used by the biggest, within the reach of the clubs in our environment; Guuk’s objective is to give a boost at the level of management and communication with its community to the sports teams of Euskadi and Navarra, so that they can grow by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization; for this we have launched KIROL APP, a simple platform, easy to implement and use, which adapts to the specific needs of each organization and which will help them achieve their objectives ”, explained this morning Juan Beitia, head of digital marketing de Guuk, at the KIROL APP presentation. With him have appeared Isabel Iturbe, president of Bilbao Basket; Gerardo Candina, president of Lointek Gernika; and Jon Larrea, president of Amorebieta. Oscar Moral also participated in the press conference on behalf of Rural Kutxa, an ally of the project in financing the investment of streaming technology.

Bilbao Basket, Lointek Gernika and Amorebieta are three of the dozen Basque and Navarrese sports teams that, before the end of the year, will have the benefits of KIROL APP at their fingertips. Thus, for example, they are already using the Araski AES, Valle de Egüés CB and CF Ardoi platforms and in a few days new applications will be available for clubs such as Real Unión, among others. Within a year, Guuk hopes to have up to a hundred clubs making use of the platform.

Lointek Gernika was the first team to join KIROL APP. Its president Gerardo Candina has underlined that “thanks to having Guuk as a digital partner, we are at the technological forefront and we are the only team in the Endesa Women’s League that has a personalized APP. From our point of view, one of the most powerful aspects of this platform is the possibility that the fans follow the games that the youth squad play in Maloste by streaming; it is extraordinary to see how a person from our club manages the broadcast of the matches from their own mobile phone ”.

For his part, the president of Amorebieta, Jon Larrea, stressed that KIROL APP “has arrived at a key moment for us”, in reference to the promotion to 2nd division. “It offers us numerous options to improve and facilitate relationships with partners, in a very simple way, something that we undoubtedly need at this time”, he highlighted. Getting the membership card or selling tickets and season tickets through the app are some of the options offered by the solution to this team.

Bilbao Basket is the latest team to officially join KIROL APP for the moment. Its president Isabel Iturbe has highlighted that this application will allow the club “to work on some strategic issues for Bilbao Basket, such as creating a community around the quarry thanks to streaming, as well as interacting and communicating directly with the social base.”

The fact is that this platform –designed by Guuk and developed by local startups– has various functionalities to make digitization very easy for sports clubs in Euskadi and Navarra. It includes, for example, a simple registration of users by mobile phone, which allows developing marketing campaigns afterwards; offers users of the application the possibility to become members of the club to access exclusive sections; enjoy premium content such as streaming games played at home, among other things; also a campaign manager to show campaigns segmented by sport or club and an integrated click to call. “From here, we configure the platform in a personalized way for each of the clubs, since each one has different needs and objectives; the most demanded, so far, has been streaming and support in digital capabilities ”, explained Beitia.

Disruptive collaboration model

The development of KIROL APP is part of the collaboration agreements that Guuk has been closing since its inception with different sports clubs. A new disruptive collaboration model that allows clubs to access resources that were previously far from their reach, laying the foundations for solid growth through innovative and digital business models. With these agreements, Guuk seeks to connect with the social and economic agents rooted in the territories in which it operates, Euskadi and Navarra, offering them the best technology on the market and a high degree of innovation, aimed at generating business.