ANDhe Lithuanian forward of TD Systems Baskonia, Rokas Giedraitis, led the triumph of those of Dusko Ivanovic in the Principality of Andorra. Lithuanian scored 15 points, captured 6 rebounds and valued 23 in the baskonista victory by 68 to 82 against BC MoraBanc.

The people from Vitoria woke up after a poor start to the match and from the second quarter they submitted to those of Ibon Navarro who returned to face the game with seven casualties. Lithuanian Saulius Kulvietis made his debut for the Andorrans and the best was Bandja Sy with 16 points and 4 rebounds for a PIR of 15.

BC MoraBanc took to the court aggressive. Those of Ibon Navarro marked the territory based on fouls and TD Systems Baskonia had a hard time adapting to this physical requirement after two consecutive Euroleague matches of the highest demand. Those of the Principality dominated in all facets of the game to achieve a maximum difference of +6 with 15 to 9 and 17 to 11. Those of Dusko Ivanovic reacted before ending the first quarter with a triple from Zoran Dragic and another from Giedraitis and Fall’s inside game appearance with six points to leave a tight 23-21.


68 – BC MoraBanc Andorra (23 + 11 + 18 + 16): Hannah (5), Jelínek (3), Oriol Paulí (7), Bandja Sy (16) and Parakhouski (4) -the titular quintet-, Senglin (18), Sergi García (-), ‘Tunde’ (10) and Kulvietis (5).

82 – TD Systems Baskonia (21 + 15 + 27 + 19): Pierria Henry (-), Sedekerskis (14), Giedraitis (15), Polonara (6) and Ilimane Diop (6) -titling quintet-, Fall (8), Luca Vildoza (9), Zoran Dragic (9), Peters ( 13), Kurucs (-) and Raieste (2).

Referees: Carlos Peruga, Raúl Zamorano and Alberto Baena. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Match of the 29th round of the Endesa League played at the Andorra Sports Center. No audience.

The defensive improvement of the Vitorians was key to being on the scoreboard for the first time at the beginning of the second quarter with a mate from Fall and a triple from Luca Vildoza (25 to 26). A triple by Hannah broke the good start for TD Systems Baskonia who lost point guard Pierria Henry through injury. The new nationalized by Senegal stormed badly in the fight for a rebound against ‘Tunde’ and went to the bench with a sprained ankle. The part of Dusko Ivanovic’s men was 3 to 10 for 28 to 31. The visitors left BC MoraBanc by 11 points in this second quarter and went to rest with 34 to 36.

On resumption, the match became a scorer duel between Jeremy Senglin and Rokas Giedraitis. The Vitorians were much more solid in their game and came to win with a +9 (42 to 51) with Giedraitis’ second triple (15 points for the Lithuanian). The set went from 5 to 15, but those of Ibon Navarro supported the arreón of the visitors with the points of Senglin (12 in this quarter for 16 for the North American) for the 48 to 53. Who took in scoring was the Italian Achille Polonara . The player debuted with a spectacular one-handed mate that he completed with a 2 + 1 (50 to 60). The third quarter ended with the maximum difference for the Baskonians (52 to 63) and with Senglin and Sy with four fouls.

In the last quarter, TD Systems Baskonia did not give any room for surprise and dried up the Andorrans in attack to obtain a maximum difference of 13 points with seven minutes to end the match (55-68). With the advantage of +16 (55 to 71) with Polonara’s first triple, those of Dusko Ivanovic stopped pressing the accelerator and BC MoraBanc hooked up to the game with a partial of 9 to 0 with four points from ‘Tunde’ and five from Bandja Sy (64 to 71). The 2-3 zone ordered by Ibon Navarro was key to the reaction of those from the Principality at 4’49 “. That zone was broken by Argentine base Luca Vildoza with a triple and leading the partial from 0 to 7 to sentence the match in front of a willful BC MoraBanc who arrived with the just forces at the end of the match.

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