ANDhe Coosur Betis achieved an important victory in its fight to save the category in the Endesa League in one of the most complicated stadiums, the Nou Congost de Manresa.

The Sevillian team was very successful from the triple (12/25) and punished the losses of Baxi Manresa (17).

Baxi Manresa began dominating in a first quarter marked by the losses of both teams (11 total). The two fouls by the local center Chima Moneke after three minutes of play negatively conditioned his team.

The partial without Moneke was 6-17 until Pedro Martínez stopped the match (13-21 min 8). The Sevillians did not slow down the offensive rhythm with a great percentage in the triple (4/6) in the first quarter.

The local team started the second quarter better with a run of 8-5 and Luis Casimiro stopped the match with a timeout (26-31 min 13). Afterwards, the match gained in offensive rhythm and both teams exchanged blows based on triples. A last push from the Sevillians allowed them to achieve an eight-point lead at halftime.

Baxi Manresa once again came out better than their rival after the break and with a run of 12-5 managed to get within one point (55-56 min 24). The local team knew how to maintain the trend and took the lead again for the first time since 11-9 in the first quarter (64-62 min 28). Even so, Betis reacted and managed to go up a point before the last quarter.

The last quarter was an exchange of constant blows and alternations on the scoreboard. The trend continued until the last minutes, in which the efficiency of Betis and the good movement of the ball to find the best shooting option allowed them to win the Nou Congost.

Data sheet:

96. BAXI MANRESA (18+25+26+27): Naspler (7), Thomasson (16), Vaulet (13), Moneke (17), Bako (8) -starting five- Valtonen (10), Rafa Martínez (10), Sagnia (-), Maye (10), Steinbergs (5) and Chasm (-).

102. COOSUR BETIS (26+25+19+32): Shannon Evans (28) Bertans (9), BJ Johnson (11), Vitto Brown (17), Pasecniks (15) -starting five- Torres (-), Cvetkovic (5), Pozas (-), Almazán (-), Burjanadze (-), Baez (7) and Wiley (10).

referees: Benjamin Jimenez, Franisco Araña and Yasmina Alcaraz. They eliminated the local player Moneke and the visitor Bertans for five fouls.

Incidents: match corresponding to matchday 32 of the Endesa League played at the Nou Congost pavilion in front of 4,800 spectators.