ANDl Herbalife Gran Canaria climbed to eighth place in qualifying for the Playoff for the Endesa League title with a clear and resounding victory in Miribilla, 71-92, against a RETAbet Bilbao Basket which has less and less margin get permanence.

It was a game postponed on matchday 34 due to a covid outbreak in the Basque team.

After this defeat, Alex Mumbrú’s team, which returned very severely depleted both physically and in terms of personnel from a ten-day confinement, must win three of the four games that remain, and all four in the event that Estudiantes won their last meeting of the course at Hereda San Pablo Burgos, to achieve salvation.

Al ‘Granca this seventh victory in ten games keeps him in the dream of entering a qualifying round for the title that has been very far throughout the season and in which he has crept up to eighth place.

Porfi Fisac’s team took advantage of the absence of Ondrej Balvin on Wednesday, and curiously also that of the new signing Leonardo Tote, to destroy his rival in the area.

As a consequence, a great game of his three ‘fives’, Olek Balcerowski (10 points at the start), Oliver Stevic (18 and 20 PIR) and Matt Costello (20 and 28). In front, guards John Jenkins at the beginning (19) and Jaylon Brown were barely able to respond in the final comeback attempt (11).

A good start by Jenkins, with two triples scored, gave Bilbao Basket a first advantage (8-2), but Gran Canaria responded by taking advantage of the advantage that Balcerowski found in the area due to the absence of Balvin.

Four dunks and 10 points from the young Polish center and three triples from the American shooter marked the equal start (16-16) of a crash that, however, was quickly broken.

As soon as the yellow team adjusted the defense against a rival very diminished physically and in the potential of the squad due to the loss of Balvin and Rousselle and, in addition, they continued fine in attack to already go 8 points at the end of the first quarter ( 16-24).

Bilbao Baket approached five points at the beginning of the second quarter (23-28), but Stevic picked up the baton from Balcerowski and destroyed the weak defense of a local team that saw how, in addition, the ‘Granca’ were entered up to baskets implausible that shattered local hopes for the decline (30-50).

With the game lost, the local team tried twice an impossible comeback in the third quarter, but in the two times it came closest to nine points (51-60 and 60-69) before Slaugther finished five. minutes from the end (63-81) a clash that came to reflect 23 points on the scoreboard (65-88) before ending with 21 (71-92)

Data sheet:

71 – RETAbet Bilbao Basket (16 + 14 + 24 + 17): Hakanson (4), Jenkins (19), Zyskowski (1), Miniotas (2) and Dos Anjos (6) -starting five-; Athinaiou (11), Brown (11), Serron, Alex Reyes, Kulboka (13), Huskic (4).

92 – Herbalife Gran Canaria (24 + 26 + 17 + 25): Slaughter (11), Okoye (9), Timsa (10), Costello (20) and Balcerowski (10) -starting team-; Javi López (5), Beirán (5), Shurna (4), Stevic (18) and Steinbergs.

Partial: 16-24, 30-50 (rest); 54-67 and 71-92 (final).

Referees: Carlos Cortés, Rafael Serrano and Andrés Fernández. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Postponed match of matchday 34 of the Endesa League played at the Bilbao Arena in Miribilla without an audience.

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