Gran Canaria is getting ready to become one of the capitals of Spanish basketball this coming August, which will be the scene of the 3rd Spanish Basketball Gala and, two days later, the Spain-Lithuania match for the Preparation Tour of the Men’s Absolute Selection heading to the Eurobasket.

The Gala, organized by the FEB jointly with the newspaper Marca, will be held on Sunday 14 at the Hotel Santa Catalina and the Spain-Lithuania on Tuesday 16 at the Gran Canaria Arena in Las Palmas.

This double event was officially presented this Tuesday in an act that included the Councilor for Sports of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Francisco Castellano, and the president of the Spanish Basketball Federation, Jorge Garbajosa, who staged the agreement sealed by the FEB and the Cabildo.

“From the Department of Sports we feel very happy and proud that the national basketball festival takes place on our Island”, has assured the director Francisco Castellano, who has also been very satisfied and grateful because “The Basketball Federation has set its sights on Gran Canaria for the celebration of the Gala, which leaves Madrid for the first time after the 2020 break. All these years have been a bit turbulent and basketball deserves to return hand in hand with the federation ”. Castellano has invited all the fans to attend the match between Spain and Lithuania on August 16, because “Here there is a lot of desire to see basketball and the good one”.

For his part, Jorge Garbajosa has pointed out that “We want it to be the basketball party. Between the arrival of the players, the Gala and the match between Spain and Lithuania, there will be four or five days of celebration in a setting such as the island of Gran Canaria, the Island of Basketball, with a very committed crowd. Whenever I’ve played here, the atmosphere has always been spectacular”. The president of the FEB thanked the Sports Council of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria for being the “true promoter of us being here to celebrate the Gala and that preparation match for the National Team”. “The Federation -has added- It has the obligation to take basketball to all the autonomous communities, all the regions and all the provinces”.

The president of the FEB has also remarked that the Spain-Lithuania “Not only is it a high-level game, but what we are trying to do is send a message of unity, that basketball is a common meeting point between players and fans.”