DUsko Ivanovic could have led his last game as a Baskonia coach, who improved his performance, competed for almost the entire match, but ended up losing to Gran Canaria (83-77). The people from Vitoria played like never before (at least in recent times) and lost as almost always. They have only won one of their last nine games between the League (1-5) and the Euroleague (0-4), and in these extreme situations Querejeta, the Basque president, does not tend to shake his hand.


This time they were more successful from the perimeter (12/33 triples), but the efforts in the first half of Fontecchio (14 + 2) and Granger (13 + 2 + 6), and Sedekerskis in the second, where Baldwin signed good minutes were not enough for the Baskonists.

They reached the final stretch of the match alive despite the Canarian machaconería from the perimeter with Slaughter (21 with 4/8 t3), Ennis (15 with 3/8 t3) and Salvo (12 + 6) and in the zone with the inner power of the giant Pustovyi (71-70, min 37).

Weighed the anxiety and pressure to win

But in the decisive moments, perhaps the anxiety and the need to take the game forward yes or yes due to their bad streak took its toll on the Baskonians, who at that moment lost the compass in attack and defense and Ennis and Slaughter, two killers , they settled the balance for Gran Canaria.

If Baskonia had had any deficit in their losing streak, it was their poor attacking success, but this time they wanted to change that trend, and did so from the triple. In a first quarter of debauchery, Fontecchio scored three (3/3) and Granger made two, and that is what the Baskonians lived against a Gran Canaria that did not lose face to the basket with Slaughter, Khalifa Diop and Ennis (20-22, min 10).


Lamar Peters made his debut in the second quarter, but his anarchic game added to a little chaos to Baskonia, which with two bases on the court (along with a blurred Baldwin) got stuck. Pustovyi and Kramer led the Canaries’ first serious stretch (35-29, min 18). Ivanovic returned to introduce Granger for the rookie and his team returned to carbure with the hand of an incisive Costello. The triples of Sedekerskis and Giedraitis (8/17 of their team at halftime) allowed the Vitoria to go into halftime with an advantage (36-41, min 20).

Pustovyi and Slaughter put the counterpoint

Enoch put the maximum for Baskonia in the restart (36-43, min 21). Then it was Baldwin, in his best minutes, who kept his team’s advantage with six straight points (44-51, min 27). But Gran Canaria put the counterpoint with a great Pustovyi seconded by Slaughter to put the tie before the final act (56-56, min 30).

In the last quarter Sedekerskis, very gray until then, threw his team behind him and with seven points neutralized the actions of Kramer and Pustovyi. But Baskonia lost their way in defense and Granca penalized them with three triples (two from Salvo and one from Ennis) that gave them an advantage (69-63, min 36).


Giedraitis and Granger allowed Baskonia to do the rubber band again (69-68). The game was going to be decided on a heads or tails that fell on the side of the Canaries, very accurate in the last two and a half minutes. A triple by Ennis and two free throws by Slaughter were countered by a triple by Fontecchio, missing in the second half (76-73, at 1.28). But the Baskonians’ wrist trembled, not the islanders, who sentenced with a triple by Slaughter and a mate by Khalifa Diop.

Data sheet:

83. CB Gran Canaria (20 + 16 + 20 + 27): Kramer (12), I. Diop (-), Ennis (15), Slaughter (22) and K, Diop (7) -start team-; Pustovyi (12), Shurna (-), Salvó (12), Albicy (-) and J. López (3).

77. Bitci Baskonia (22 + 19 + 15 + 21): Sedekerskis (12), Granger (13), Fontecchio (14), Enoch (6) and Giedraitis (11) -starting team- Kurucs (-), Peeters (-), Marinkovic (3), Baldwin (10) and Costello ( 8).

Referees: Daniel Hierrezuelo, Rafael Serrano and Roberto Lucas. They eliminated the visitor Giedraitis as personal.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the second day of the Endesa League played at the Gran Canaria Arena before 4,623 spectators.

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