ANDHe Hereda San Pablo Burgos could not take the victory against Gran Canaria (77-86) in a match in which Porfi Fisac’s men demonstrated their power and revealed some of the defensive shortcomings of the Burgos team, especially with interior players as physical as They are from Gran Canaria.

Tariq Phillip was the most outstanding on the part of the Burgos while on the part of Gran Canaria it was John Shurna, who broke up the game and was key in the victory of his team.

Gran Canaria came out much more successful, coming to dominate in both hoops in the first quarter, with a protagonist by the islanders, especially Miquel Salvó, with 7 points in this quarter and forcing San Pablo to use more defense to prevent the Granca’s interiors will dominate the painting.

But the physical power of Gran Canaria in the two hoops prevailed in the first quarter, leaving the result in favor of Porfi Fisac’s team (16-22), a quarter marked by the success of Granca.

The game became very physical and hard, which made San Pablo suffer a lot defensively, together with the fact that he was not successful in the free throws; with a 7 of 14 at the break.

On behalf of Gran Canaria, Nico Brussino appeared to break the game and put his team with a +12 advantage at halftime (31-43).

San Pablo starred in a glimpse of a comeback with a 6-0 win in their favor but Porfi Fisac’s men quickly countered that run, taking advantage of Burgos’ turnovers and defensive errors.

Shurna led the way for the Canarians who began to display their best game to dominate by 20 points difference at the end of the fourth (50-71) and make the game very difficult for Burgos.

Benite acted as captain and took the reins of the team, scoring five consecutive points and then facing the insular attack to lead to a 10-point disadvantage, but he did not accompany the success in the final stretch, although they did put Gran Canaria in trouble, who opted for longer possessions to close a match that dominated at all times (77-86)

Data sheet:

77 – Inherits San Pablo Burgos (16+15+19+27): Díez (3), Phillip (15), Eddie (10), Renfroe (5) and Nnoko (8) – starting five – Queeley (-), Kullamae (3), Salash (0), Benite (21), Rabaseda ( 2), Garcia (4) and Gamble (6).

86 – Gran Canaria (22+21+28+15): Albicy (6), Salvó (9), Slaugther (10), Pustovyi (9), Shurna (16) – starting five – Balcerowski (0), I. Diop (-), Brussino (14), K. Diop (8 ), Ennis (4), Stevic (4) and Chery (6).

Referees: Benjamin Jimenez, Jorge Martinez, Yasmina Alcaraz. Eliminated due to personal fouls Xavi Rabaseda

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 21 of the Endesa League held at the Coliseum Burgos. A tribute was paid to the former Hereda San Pablo Burgos player and now a Herbalife Gran Canaria player, Miquel Salvó.