ANDhe Gran Canaria Basketball Club revived its objective of reaching the Endesa League play-off after beating Lenovo Tenerife in a Canarian derby of maximum intensity and emotion (89-77), in which the points of the North American Dylan Ennis (22) and the rebounding superiority of the yellows ended up deactivating the lagoon perimeter and the versatility of the Georgian Giorgio Shermadini (22 points).

In a brilliant start, the Claretian team began hitting with the success of the North American John Shurna, who scored the first seven points of his team, although the Lagunero team did not want to be left behind under the direction of Huertas and the success of Doordekamp, ??signing tables in the middle of the first quarter (15-15).

From there, the sign of the shock changed. The figures continued to be high, but it was then Lenovo Tenerife that took the initiative on the scoreboard, cheering up the Georgian Shermadini from the paint and with the support of Huertas himself from the personnel line (20-25). The local coach, Porfi Fisac, streamlined the rotations and adjusted the defense in the zone, minimizing the injury to a more than adjusted 24-26 in the initial assault.

In the second period, the meeting continued with the established script. Continuous alternatives on the scoreboard, minimal differences and maximum tension. Fitipaldo assumed the stripes on the perimeter while Khalifa Diop and Balcerowski took over the area (31-31 at 5:32 for the break).

A technique on the visiting coach, Txus Vidorreta -who claimed an unsportsmanlike foul by Balcerowski himself-, and a subsequent basket by Salvó put Gran Canaria ahead again (33-31), but Shermadini immediately remedied it in favor of the lagoons. A dynamic that was repeated with the passing of the minutes.

The people of Tenerife once again found a crack in the yellow backline, taking a breath of air with Doornekamp’s wrist and Shermadini’s continuous opportunism (37-41). But when it seemed that Stevic and Albicy left it level again for the break, in the end a triple by Todorovic made it possible for the visitors to seal the first half with an advantage (41-44).

The tension was still through the roof after the restart. Every detail, success and error was paid dearly in both trenches. And equality continued to prevail after 25 minutes of play (51-51), improving the locals with Ennis and Pustovyi, while Lenovo kept pace with Doordekamp and Sastre.

From then on, an inspired Ennis -a player with more than accentuated streaks- forged a fleeting 7-0 partial involving Pustovyi and Brussino in their rebellion, forcing a new tactical parenthesis by Vidorreta (58-53 ).

The technical stop served little. Huertas threatened to stop the bleeding (58-55) but Slaughter took the lead in the yellow attack, forcing several personnel from the visiting team -which was already on ‘bonus’- and improving the performance of his teammates to sign a new partial of 8 -0 (66-55).

Doordekamp’s fourth staff, with 7:50 to go, took its toll on the lagoon ranks. Gran Canaria reached a maximum difference of 14 (71-57), dominating the rebound and defense against a rival who kept pulling on their outsides and a Shermadini that seemed like an island in the area.

The veteran of the Georgian, combined with two triples in a row by Salin, revived Tenerife again (75-72), but it ended up being a mirage. After Fisac’s time-out, the locals climbed a step further in attack and defense, also taking out the fifth personnel from Doordekamp and a technique from Huertas that sent the Brazilian to the locker room tunnel. In the end, victory for Gran Canaria (89-77) who once again applied for the play-off, while Lenovo Tenerife saw their streak of five consecutive wins in ACB cut short.

Data sheet:

89. CB Gran Canaria (24+17+25+23): Albicy (8), Brussino (7), Ennis (22), Shurna (11) and K. Diop (12) -initial team-; Pustovyi (8), Balcerowski (2), AJ Slaughter (12), Chery (-), Salvó (4) and Stevic (3).

77.Lenovo Tenerife (26+18+11+22): Huertas (14), Salin (16), Sastre (-), Shermadini (23) and Doornekamp (11) -initial quintet-; Fitipaldo (7), Todorovic (3), Borg (-), Rodríguez (-), Wiltijer (-) and Guerra (3).

Referees: Fernando Calatrava, Sergio Manuel and Joaquin Garcia. Doordekamp and Huertas were eliminated by personnel.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the twenty-sixth day of the Endesa League played at the Gran Canaria Arena before 6,934 spectators.