ANDhe Herbalife Gran Canaria is consolidated in the noble zone of the ACB after beating a Joventut de Badalona who came to dominate the clash in the first half, thanks to his initial success in the triple, but in the end succumbed to the offensive intensity shown by the yellow ones (84-71).

French guard Andrew Albicy became the main catalyst for the victory with his 16 points and 6 assists (26 PIR), seconded by AJ Slaughter who ended up signing 14 points, all of them in the second half. For the visitors, Guillem Vives was the main vanishing point with his 20 points and 6/8 in triples.

The Catalans put in the direct as soon as they started with a 0-9 partial, with Vives as the main stiletto (5 points in the first bars), while the island team did not manage to see the ring in the first four minutes, after a basket on the board. from Stevic. Already with the 2-13 in the electronic, the local technician Porfi Fisac ??requested the first time-out to try to stop the spill.


  • 84. CB Gran Canaria (14 + 19 + 26 + 25): Salvo (7), AJ Slaughter (14), Pustovyi (9), Shurna (4) and Ennis (12) -the starting quintet-; Kramer (2), Albicy (16), Brussino (3), I. Diop (-), K. Diop (10) and Stevic (7).
  • Coach: Porfirio Fisac.
  • 71. Joventut Badalona (18 + 15 + 21 + 17): Brodziansky (10), Ventura (-), Vives (20), Parra (14) and Tomic (14) -initial quintet-; Paul (8), Ribas (1), Busquets (-), Feliz (-), Willis (2), Birgander (2) and Maronka (-).
  • Coach: Carles Durán.
  • Referees: Luis Miguel Castillo, Sergio Manuel and Cristóbal Sánchez. Without eliminated.
  • Incidents: Match corresponding to the fourth day of the Endesa League played at the Gran Canaria Arena before some 2,582 spectators.

From there, the Claretian team increased the intensity in both rings, gradually reducing the distance from the painting and from the line of personnel, closing the opening quarter with a tighter 14-18.

In the second act, the versatility of Brodziansky allowed the Badalonese to continue in the forefront with an advantage of 6 points (19-25), but the entry of Pustovyi and the return of Stevic led to the comeback, over low heat, of a Gran Canaria who bet his entire arsenal on the inside (26-26 at 2:43 by the break).

The fouls and free throws took a special role in this quarter. The insulares already accumulated 16 shots from the 4.60 line, and although Joventut managed to take oxygen with the success of Tomic and Paul (28-33), two free throws by Salvo and a subsequent triple by Ennis put the swords in everything the top at rest (33-33).

In the resumption, Fisac’s men took the initiative on the scoreboard for the first time, with Pustovyi settling in the area, well supported by Salvo and Albicy (44-41), until a technique decreed on the Ukrainian made it possible to regain the baton of the match. Joventut, with a free kick from Ribas and a 2 + 1 from Parra (44-45).

That turned out to be a mirage, as Ennis and Albicy began to fine-tune their wrists on the perimeter, although the exchange of baskets intensified in both hoops (59-54).

The tables turned, and after the dunks of Khalifa Diop and Pustovyi, the triples of Slaughter arrived and especially of Ennis, who patched up his discreet start with a real recital from the outside to raise the differences to 14 points (75-61) in the equator of the last quarter.

The techniques took their toll on Gran Canaria. The Ukrainian Pustovyi soon went to the bench to be on the edge of the fifth, while another decreed to Albicy caused Joventut to return to the meeting, with the points from Tomic and Vives (79-71). But it was of little use, since a launch from 8 meters by Slaughter ended up clearing all doubts.

At the end the victory of the Gran Canaria, who placed in the upper zone with a balance of 3-1 in the ACB League, while Joventut remained in the middle of the table with 2 victories and 2 defeats.