Básquet Coruña SAD is very pleased to announce the agreement signed with the Greenalia company, which will pay for a score of training scholarships aimed at minors at risk of exclusion.

The director of corporate development and sustainability, Beatriz Mato, highlighted the work of social integration that sport has “due to the values ??of effort, camaraderie and teamwork that it transmits and that are so necessary for people’s day-to-day lives.”

For its part, from Básquet Coruña they have thanked Greenalia for its efforts and values ??when it comes to collecting the baton from the Emalcsa Foundation with a contribution that “will allow Básquet Coruña to continue with this important social and inclusive work begun three years ago so that boys and girls at risk of exclusion can continue to develop their favorite sports activity for free ”.

About Greenalia

Greenalia is an independent energy producer exclusively with renewable technologies. The company uses only wind, sun and forest biomass, from the remains of certified plantation cuttings, to generate electricity in harmony with nature, providing employment and innovation in the areas where it operates