Guillem Arcos (Alicante, 2000) and HLA Alicante have reached an agreement for the young player from Alicante to continue at the club. Arcos came to the club in the children’s category and since then he has gone through all the categories of the Lucentum Foundation Base to become the youngest player to debut with the first team.
This last season Guillem Arcos was one of the best players in the EBA League (24.3 ppp and 30.8 average valuation) and he became one of the most outstanding players for HLA Alicante in the playoff for promotion to ACB.
In the last two months of competition, he multiplied his participation in the team to sign an average of 23.2 minutes per game and 7.3 points per game. Guillem Arcos became the sensation of the league in the playoff being a very important part of HLA Alicante. In the visit to Palencia on the last day of the regular league, Arcos became the team’s MVP thanks to his 16 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists for a PIR of 19 in 36 minutes. In this way, Guillem Arcos will continue his growth as a player at HLA Alicante.

Gonzalo García de Vitoria has valued the renovation of Arcos:
“A very interesting renovation. He is a player I know from seeing the level he gave in the playoff. Keeping a player so young and with that projection and in addition to Alicante is very good news. But Guillem is not here because he is from here and is young, but because we believe in him. We are going to help him evolve and keep growing “

Guillem Arcos, for his part, has stated:
“I am very happy to continue in Alicante. I’m sure it’s going to be a great season and we’re all going to enjoy it very much. Looking forward to starting the season “