Guillem Boscana: “We are ambitious, now we want to try to finish the season as high as possible”

The president of Palmer Alma Mediterránea reviewed the team’s news for the club’s official media.


If the current season is being demanding on the track, the same can be said of what happens in the offices. There, in that place not visible to the eye of those who come to see the matches live, they have worked thoroughly during this season in which the health situation has forced and continues to force to seek ways to maintain sports projects. Guillem Boscana, the president of CB Imprenta Bahía San Agustín, admits that this year has been the most demanding in this regard and is also extremely happy that Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma, the club’s first team, has achieved the goal salvation and can fight with the best to be in the playoffs for promotion to the ACB. Of course, as players and coaches have said, ambition is a hallmark of the team and the club and Guillem Boscana has it clear: Now it’s time to fight for a challenge that is as beautiful as it is demanding as the ‘play off’ ‘promotion to the ACB.

-The first objective was more than met. Satisfied?

-Yes. When the season began, we set ourselves a basic and essential objective, which was to be able to maintain the category so that there would continue to be basketball here [en Son Moix]. Despite the fact that at the beginning, in the first matches, we suffered, then things were happening just as the coaches had predicted, although personally I think they have gone even better than they had predicted. Being in the group above is an immense joy. It is something that we earn on the track. I am watching games in the permanence group and when I see the classification I take a break thinking that we are up and not down because except for two teams that seem to have no chances, the remaining seven still have options to go down. Now that we have managed to be in that group at the top, despite the fact that we have achieved the goal, we are ambitious and want more, we want to fight to be in the ‘play off’ and if we succeed, we will surely analyze and try to be among the top four to have the home court factor in our favor and when we play the first ‘play off’ we will want to go to the semifinals. I think it’s nice that there are ambitious goals and that the team is fighting to finish the season as high as possible.

-Has it been proven that this team idea, this philosophy for which this season was chosen works?

-We made a bet for a different coaching staff, a lower budget, we bet on having two coaches as first coaches and seeing that all that has worked is an immense satisfaction. If in addition the results accompany better than better. Glad this all worked out.

– In the offices, with all the problems that the pandemic has caused, has it been the hardest year you have experienced at the club?

-Undoubtedly. The sports part is what people see, they see us play every Sunday and know if the objectives are being met. That part has been a success. In the other part, the one that is not seen, being able to count on an audience, sponsors and partners and others has not been. We are working to close the budget. I hope and wish that we manage not to lose money this year and if we do, it will be an equal or more important success than the sport because the circumstances are dramatic “

-Going back to sports, is there any spirit of revenge for Sunday’s game against Liberbank Oviedo for the defeat that the team suffered there?

-I think we have to forget about that. On Sunday what we have to do, I think, is try to do what we did last Sunday, which is to play at our own pace. The downside we are going to have is that Valladolid was not used to playing the way we do. He tried to copy us and it did not go well but Oviedo did because the game that Oviedo plays is the same as us and if we play him like that they will have no problem playing like us but hey, if we want to be in the ‘play off’ it is a match that must be won. That does not mean that if we do not win on Sunday we will not be able to be in the ‘play off’ because I believe that the work is already half done. There is a desire to get the victory on Sunday but not so much because we lost 38 a fortnight ago, which can make one a little more motivated, if not for the fact that we would be closer to being in the ‘play off’.

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