An emotional Gustavo Aranzana said goodbye to Lleida this Wednesday, in a press conference in which he regretted “not having been able to achieve the goal of permanence” after a season that, according to the former coach, “will make us all stronger” .


Aranzana has not been reminded that Covidien-19 had a decisive impact on the team’s year “physically, when we were at our best, but also and especially mentally.” Aranzana recalled that with his arrival in December 2019 and with the team in the relegation zone, it was possible to “change course” and that for that reason “I did not even imagine that we could finish with a descent. I was sure that we would save the category. I didn’t think at all that the imponderables that have appeared would appear. ”

With his voice broken by emotion, Aranzana said he was very hurt by “not having met expectations” and thanked all the members of the club -especially President Albert Aliaga with whom he said he maintained “a special feeling” and the sports director Joaquín Prado- and also sponsors, institutions, the media and – especially – the support received from the fans. Before closing his last press conference in Lleida, the Valladolid man asked the fans for one last favor by reminding them that “the reason for the project is to arrive at the Barris Nord and see all these children training: This club will continue to that the fans must show that the flight “, and has predicted that” will take a step forward. Next year will be a year of impasse and surely they will go back up to LEB Oro and fight to be in the ACB

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