LUdde Hakanson, Ángel Delgado and Valentin Bigote have led this Sunday in Miribilla a vital victory for Surne Bilbao Basket over Monbus Obradoiro, a final victory by 80-76 after ‘the men in black’ rallied all eleven points, 17-28 , which came to have the advantage of the Galician team.

The Swedish guard (21 and 21 valuation) was the main scorer for Alex Mumbrú’s team; The Dominican center (8 and 7 rebounds), despite his painful 2/9 in free throws, was capital in the last quarter to give his team a good distance on the scoreboard (68-63); and the French forward (11 and 8) scored the triple that decided the crash in the final stretch (76-70).

The continuous fight between Regimantas Miniotas and Rafa Luz and free throws in the last seconds of the Brazilian base himself and Gitys Masiulis also helped Bilbao Basket to obtain a victory that equals victories, three, with Obradoiro and takes them out of the positions of decline.

Moncho Fernández’s men, however, dreamed almost to the end of winning a match in which the team’s two ‘5s’ mainly pulled their team, the Congolese Viny Okouo (14, 9, 3 blocks and 24) and the Lithuanian Laurynas Birutis (16, 5 and 18). Also the Canadian shooter Kassius Robertson (18) had his moments at the beginning and the end, and the veteran Albert Oliver (10 and 14) helped his in important situations.

Although the scoring was opened by a tray from Rafa Luz (2-0), it was Obradoiro who dominated the first minutes thanks to a tremendous start from Robertson, who 9 of the first 11 points in a row that gave his team a good advantage at all more start (2-11).

A Bilbao Basket tried to react with few ideas in attack and gaps in defense and managed to close the gap at the end of the first quarter (12-16), scoring ten minutes short.

Quite the opposite of the second quarter, in which it was again Obradoiro who started the best. This time launched by Filipovity and Birutis until 17-28 which was a turning point in the match.

There, the success changed sides and Surne Bilbao chained a 15-3, with Hakanson of stiletto, who turned the scoreboard (32-31). The locals went ahead by up to three points (35-32, 38-35), but at halftime it was a draw (40-40).

The ‘Obra’ again took the initiative on the scoreboard after the break with an unstoppable Okouo for those in black (40-41, 45-48, 54-57), but Hakanson and Goudelock responded to put their team back by ahead facing the last quarter (60-57).

The clash continued in those last ten minutes along the path of equality that it had been until a few good minutes from Delgado allowed those in black to open a gap in the electronic (68-63, 73-65) that the visiting team could no longer close . And less after Bigote’s decisive triple, 27 seconds from a final that closed with the result of 80-76.

Data sheet:

80 – Surne Bilbao (12 + 28 + 20 + 20): Rafa Luz (9), Goudelock (7), Mustache (11), Masiulis (7) and Withey (2) -five starting-; Rousselle (9), Hakanson (21), Reyes, Miniotas (6) and Delgado (8).

76 – Monbus Obradoiro (16 + 24 + 17 + 19): Zurbriggen (5), Robertson (18), Scrubb, Ellenson (5) and Birutis (16) -starting five-; Oliver (10), Hobbs, Muñoz (2), Filipovity (6) and Okouo (14).

Partials: 12-16, 40-40 (rest); 60-57 and 80-76 (final).

Referees: Emilio Pérez Pizarro, Martín Caballero and Héctor Baez. The visitors Birutis (m.39) and Scrubb (m.40) were eliminated for fouls.

Incidents: Match of the tenth day of the Endesa League played at the Bilbao Arena in Miribilla before 6,812 spectators, according to data from the Bilbao club.