ANDhe Real Madrid forward Adam Hanga predicted that this Wednesday, in the second duel of the Endesa League finals against Barça, he expects a “very different” match compared to the one played 36 hours earlier at the Palau Blaugrana, with a clear victory for the white box (75-88).

“I expect a very different game. I’m sure they’re going to come out from the beginning to press hard, to try to play very physically. We have to play our game and think about ourselves,” the Hungarian player declared on Tuesday from the Barça pavilion court, before Real Madrid’s morning training session.

Despite the satisfaction of snatching the home court advantage in the first duel of the series, Hanga did not want to throw the bells on the fly: “We do not forget that Barça has been in this situation many times. They lost the home court advantage in the ‘play-off ‘ of the Euroleague, against Joventut as well, and they have always raised him”.

“We are only 1-0. In our minds, everything starts from scratch, tomorrow is another battle. Our work is not done, although we are happy with the victory, we have to continue. The road to victory will be very hard and we have a long way to go. until lifting the title”, added the Real Madrid forward.

Hanga assured that Real Madrid will try to match the energy shown in the first game: “Winning Barça twice in a row is complicated. We are going to try to put the same intensity as in the first game. Obviously, success is a very important part in our game. The rest, defend and run”.

“He just went to Madrid. Yesterday we had dinner together, a pity. This year I don’t know what else can happen. Many injuries, many problems. We send him a big hug and hopefully he will recover soon,” he explained about Anthony Randolph, injured this Monday from knee.

Finally, Hanga acknowledged that he is going through a good moment of form: “I have tried to take the opportunity to be playing without bases, to have many minutes to have the ball in attack. I try to give what the team needs. In the first half I scored 16 points and in the second 0. If I score 0 points tomorrow but we win, I’ll be happy”.