CLevin Hannah, the North American point guard, with a Senegalese passport, from BC MoraBanc connected in the play-off zone for the title to those of Ibon Navarro after leading a comeback to force extra time and then sentenced in extra time.

The Senegalese international scored 22 points and 4 of 5 in triples and the Andorrans prevailed 92-86 to tie BAXI Manresa with 12 victories. Pedro Martínez’s men squandered a 13-point lead in the third quarter.

BC MoraBanc and BAXI Manresa bet on their defenses and almost nothing on their attacks. In the first 10 minutes of the game, it was difficult for both teams to generate play in attack. Those of Pedro Martínez had the clearest ideas and dominated those of Ibon Navarro. A partial of 2 to 9 placed those of Manresa with a 7 to 11 in the electronic. The locals, with five casualties due to injury, played without confidence and with a lot of insecurity in attack to end the first quarter behind with 15 to 18.

A partial of 4 to 10 of BAXI Manresa at the beginning of the second quarter began to mark the first important differences on the scoreboard with 19 to 28 that forced Ibon Navarro to request a time-out. The Andorrans did not generate game and in the first five minutes of this second quarter they had only scored four points.

The maximum difference for the Catalans came with 24-34 and 26-36 (+10). The visitors did a lot of damage to the Andorrans with a good reading of the game of their bases with their interiors. A triple by Sergi García before reaching the break made the score 29-36. Few points, little offensive contribution and a lot to improve in two teams that seek to finish in eighth place. Hannah finished the first two quarters with 0 points.

BAXI Manresa continued in the resumption, beating BC MoraBanc at all levels. Even so, the Andorrans had the appearance of Clevin Hannah (7 points in this quarter). Those of Ibon Navarro approached, thanks to a partial of 6 to 2, to three points (35 to 38).

The Manresa, with an inspired Frankie Ferrari, returned to their maximum difference of 10 points (40 to 50) and even increased it to +13 with 45 to 58 after a 2 + 1 from Scott Eatherton.

The local coach from Vitoria did not hit the key and when he did, his players were not right from the free throw line. At the end of the third quarter, 53 to 60 in favor of those of Pedro Martínez, who did not finish this period well at all, receiving a partial of 8 to 2. From +13 they went to +7.

BC MoraBanc woke up five minutes to go. The defensive improvement and the success were key to make a partial of 7 to 2 and face the final section with only five points (65 to 70).

Those of Pedro Martínez began to miss attacks and gave wings to their rival. A triple by Hannah at 3’40 “and another by Palsson at 3’10” put the locals at one point (71-72). The answer was from Dani Pérez with a triple, but on the other side of the court Hannah scored another (74 to 75). The North American base, with a Senegalese passport, led his team to force the extension with the tie at 78, since Jelínek missed the triple that would have certified the Andorran comeback.

In extra time, a 14 to 8 set meant the victory of BC MoraBanc with a triple by David Jelínek at 30 “and two free throws by Nacho Llovet decisive for the twelfth victory of the season and they are only one behind Unicaja Málaga .


92 – BC MoraBanc Andorra (15 + 14 + 24 + 25 + 14): Hannah (22), Palsson (9), Oriol Paulí (2), Bandja Sy (-) and Parakhouski (12) -initial quintet-; ‘Tunde’ (8), Sergi García (9), Senglin (7), Nacho Llovet (9) and Jelínek (14).

86- BAXI Manresa (18 + 18 + 24 + 18 + 8): Dani Pérez (7), Mason (9), ‘Juampi’ Vaulet (6), Eatherton (18) and Sajus (4) -initial quintet-; Ferrari (12), Rafa Martínez (-), Janning (11), Hinrichs (9), Sima (8) and Eulis Báez (2).

Referees: Antonio Conde, Sergio Manuel and Esperanza Mendoza. Eliminated by five personal fouls ‘Tunde’ -BC MoraBanc-.

Incidents: Match of the 27th round of the Endesa League played at the Andorra Sports Center. No spectators.

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