Minibasket, pre-infant, infant, cadet, junior, senior B… and first team! Hector Alderete (2.02m, Madrid, 2002), after a lifetime in the quarry of Movistar Estudiantes, will be part of the first team male this season 2021-22.

The youngest of the Alderete returned last January to the competition after two years in the dry dock due to injuries; Standing out with the EBA league subsidiary that was promoted to LEB Plata. Your recovery process is counted in the audiovisual report “Hector”, which opens this Wednesday 11 August in the Movistar Estudiantes YouTube channel.

In his career in the collegiate quarry it has been common for Héctor to play with older teams. Thus, despite being two years younger, he formed part of the teams of the generation of “cracks 00” champions of Spain for children (2014) and cadets (2016); and of the teams that got a place of promotion from EBA to LEB Silver in 2019 and 2021; among other collective achievements in the Movistar Estudiantes quarry.

In this career in the collegiate quarry, Héctor Alderete has matched with players like his current teammate in the first team Adams Sola; or others like Nacho Arroyo, Dovydas Giedraitis, Emil Stoilov, Rubén Domínguez or his own older brother, Diego, which debuted in ACB last season.

Common in training categories of the Spanish team, Last time this summer at the U19M World Cup, Héctor Alderete won the Silver medal of the 2018 U16M European Championship and was part of the Best Quintet of the 2018 U16M European Championship.

Also, due to the precocity for which his formative stage has always stood out, Héctor is the player who most Championships of Spain has played with the Madrid teams: a total of seven: three in the mini category, two in children and two in cadet, winning six medals.

What are your first feelings when you get to the Movistar Estudiantes first team?

I’m very happy because it’s something I’ve been working on for a long time. It is a good opportunity to show all that I have worked for and if I take advantage of it it will be a very important step for my career.

What do you expect from this year, collectively and individually?

The collective goal is clear: go up. It is something that is not negotiable for me, or for anyone at Movistar Estudiantes, whether it is the team, the fans or the board. The individual goal is to keep growing, to try to take a step forward to become someone important to the team.

The club has an ambitious goal, but it faces it with humility, what do you expect from LEB Oro?

From the LEB Oro I expect a very tough league, I know that many clubs are making very good teams to move up to ACB and that we are not going to be the only ones with that goal. Nobody is going to give away anything, you have to go day by day, work every week to get the games little by little.

What does it mean for you, who have been at the Estu all your life, that the club bets on you in a season with such a complicated challenge?

It means a lot to me: I’ve been at the Estu all my life and this is a very nice challenge. They trust me for something as important as helping to get the team back to where it belongs. I face it with enthusiasm and a lot of desire and motivation. I think I am ready and can help the team in many ways.

What do you hope to learn from players with the experience of Javi Beirán or Nacho Martín?

MThey seem like two great players, with a very good career that I have followed since I was little. I have paid attention to both, because they have very characteristic things. I think I can learn a lot from them in every training and game, I will try to soak up all the basketball they have inside.

“After a lifetime at the club, he made the leap to the first squad”