The head of Hepyc valued the agreement with the IDK Euskotren very positively and focused a large part of the values ??on the figure of the coach. “We have decided to reinforce this sponsorship, but we wanted to do it in a different way. We have focused a lot on the figure of Azu Muguruza, as a representative of what female sports is, female coaches, because we believe that Azu represents a series of values ??at the level of team management, of people management that are important to Hepyc. Values ??such as leadership, motivation and personal closeness. Values ??that are applicable both to sports and to the business world in which we are highly reflected at Hepyc ”.

For her part, Carmen Muguruza, president of the team, thanked the trust placed in the team and the club “In addition to always being close to the club, they have decided to bet harder with a more intense sponsorship. We thank Hepyc for their closeness, we appreciate that they want to be represented by the IDK Euskotren, by women’s sport and specifically by the figure of Azu as a female coach. We hope that the agreement will be fruitful for both parties and that it will last a long time ”.

Finally, the coach has made an assessment of the first months of competition “it is very positive, for several reasons. The first, because of the work that the team does, they have shown from the beginning a lot of work capacity, every day it is a pleasure to go to train. On the other hand, we also knew that it was a very tough start to the season because of the rivals we had and because we are a new team. We have worked a lot on the awareness to face this with work and the hope of knowing that the results could come soon. But it’s true once they passed that Tourmalet the team responded, got down to business and we have achieved 3 victories out of 4 games ”.