ANDhe Herbalife Gran Canaria is placed at the gates of the ‘play-off zone’ after defeating a combative UCAM Murcia (91-81) in a close-quarters duel that was decided in the last quarter thanks to the success on the perimeter and in the personal line of the yellows.

The American with a Polish passport AJ Slaughter, with 21 points and 6 assists, and the versatility of Matt Costello -15 points and 11 rebounds-, served to deactivate the game distilled by the visitors Tomás Bellas and James Webb (35 points signed between both for the Murcia)

After the initial arreón of the Claretians, capitalized by the speed and success of the French base Andrew Albicy (partial of 7-2), the Murcian team was little recovering the lost ground, through the triples of Taylor and Webb, until achieving Balance the score (11-11) at 3:50 to end the first period.

From there, the exchange of blows intensified, although the contribution of the second yellow unit, combined with the versatility of AJ Slaughter, allowed Herbalife to close the opening quarter with a 20-16 in favor.

The second round began with a 0-6 of the Levantines, who with a basket from Cate managed to get ahead on the scoreboard (20-22). With the rotations, the island team regained the initiative on the scoreboard, with inside Oliver Stevic becoming the great wild card on the board of Porfirio Fisac ??-who completed his 300th match in ACB-, both teams leaving the locker room with 37- 34 on the electronic.

At the resumption, Herbalife put an extra gear into the game, causing the visiting coach, Sito Alonso, to time out, after reaching the maximum difference until the moment of the match (47-39) thanks to a triple by Shurna and a counterattack mate from Okoye, which ended with a technical foul from pivot Augusto Lima.

The North American Isiah Taylor assumed gallons in the pepper vanguard, although once again the drive of Costello and Slaughter allowed the island to give oxygen, keeping the seven points difference (59-52) at the gates of the last quarter.

The personal ones took their toll on the visiting team, causing the elimination by personnel precisely of Taylor in the absence of eight minutes for the conclusion, being the best of the Murcian in the offensive facet.

With that handicap on the floor, the former yellow Tomás Bellas took the lead with 11 points in just five minutes (74-68), although Herbalife ended up breathing again with his improvement on the perimeter, with the triples of Dimsa, Okoye and even by Costello.

Data sheet:

91. Herbalife Gran Canaria (20 + 17 + 22 + 32): Albicy (12), Slaughter (21), Costello (15), Balcerowski (3) and Okoye (11) -start team-; Shurna (5), Santana (2), Beirán (7), DImsa (9), Diop (-) and Stevic (6).

Coach: Porfirio Fisac.

81. UCAM Murcia (16 + 18 + 18 + 29): Webb (18), Bellas (17), Taylor (13), Lima (6) and Rojas (4) -starting team-; David (11), Radovic (8), Cate (4), Strawberry (-) and Vasileiadis (-).

Coach: Sito Alonso.

Referees: Juan Carlos García, Arnau Padrós and Esperanza Mendoza. Visitor Isiah Taylor was eliminated by personnel.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the thirty-fifth day of the Endesa League played at the Gran Canaria Arena.